Let’s Start A Riot

Christmas felt strange this year. It didn’t feel very Christmas-y. In any case we made a lot of new traditions, for fun.

Daruma DollFirst off, we received Daruma dolls from Brian and Maggie so that we can make goals for ourselves. My goal is very long-term: pass MCATs and get into med-school. Everyone colored in one eye, and wrote their goal on the bottom of the cushion. They told the story of how 2 years and 4 months ago they wrote on the bottom of a Daruma doll to have a baby, and how they finally were able to. :] Nicenice. ♥

Anyway, my gifts:

+ Samsung HDTV 19″ (also as new computer monitor)
+ Lime Green Converse♥
+ Rocky DVD! (he’s my hero)
+ Silver heart bracelet
+ Anne Klein watch
+ Jamba Juice gift card
+ $30 Borders gift card
+ $20 Barnes&Noble gift card
+ $100 Hollister gift card

On Christmas Day (we celebrate at midnight on the eve) I bought:

— Crime and Punishment
— Girl, Interrupted
— The Burn Journals
— Death Note vol. 1+2
— The Metamorphosis
— Heart of Darkness

Ah, anyway… the adults drank this strange drink that Alba created with vodka. They then got a lighter and put the drink on fire. XD There were straws and they had to push the straw all the way to the bottom to drink it without burning themselves. Haha, it was funny. :] Here was Auntie Elle’s tree:

The picture was taken with my mobile, which I love! :] I made a new blog, a moblog. For now it’s a bit empty, but there I’ll make a mini layout for it and etc. (: Also, I want to make an mp3 blog like the ones featured on the very new program, Songbird. Get Songbird The program is still in beta, but hopefully soon it will replace iTunes (for me, anyway)!! Songbird automagically detects songs linked on the blog, and it’s also a browser. It’s made by Mozilla, same wonderful creators of Firefox. Give it a try!!

Today I woke up at 11am and Mom wanted to go our favorite Japanese restaurant, Suehiro, in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA. We ate our usual and then took a small walk to Marukai (Japanese market), and stopped by Kinokuniya (bookstore) very quickly. (: Fun fun!!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Start A Riot

  1. it sounds like you had a good christmas 🙂
    i’m happy about that for you.
    really am.
    we need to converse more.
    i’m not really a big ball of emo fluff i swear.

    Your presents sound awesome!! Too bad we don’t have the american stores here at Canada. We can’t wear FCUK sweaters without people going- AUUGGHH. That kid is setting bad examples.
    Your tree looks awesome!
    Hope 2007 will be a grreat year for you!

  3. I think Christmas is nothing more but a routine as years pass by. I don’t know, but people seem to be treating it more casually nowadays.

    Daruma dolls sound interesting. I wish I have one so as to set a goal for myself this year. I wish you will attain your goals for this year. =) The gifts you’ve received are amazing.

    Oh, rawr! Setting a drink on fire then drinking it?! Haha, nice!

    I’ve heard of Songbird, and it really looks/sounds promising.

  4. Long time no see! Glad to see you had a good Christmas. You got some pretty kick ass gifts! I know what you mean about it not feeling like Christmas. I found as I got older, the holiday spirit seemed to slowly shrink and now it’s as if it’s non existent. I used to love Christmas so much more.

  5. Hey! It sounds like you had a good Christmas! My christmas comes later this month and I can’t wait! hehe I would love to have a 19 inch computer screen lol.

  6. Sounds like you had a good Christmas, even if it didn’t seem Christmas-y.

    Ah, Kinokuniya! I ADORE that store. If I could, I would spend all day there. However, the closest one to my house is a 2 hour drive away. But, its worth it.

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