The Silence of Sound

I am progressing at a stagnant pace.

Once more, I am me again, more or less. My interests have returned completely, but my personality hasn’t. With the way people have been questioning me, you would think it is a crime to remain off AIM. And I rejected offers to spend time with friends. But it really isn’t personal – usually.

AP Econ test yesterday, as I returned to school. My memory couldn’t have been worse, and the average for the entire class was lower than my painful score of B-. Eh. English project was due today. Unbeknownst to us, it counts as our final. 5 out of 13 of us in 4th period all arrived late because we wanted to sleep in after staying up all night doing the project. I thought I was the only slacker. Apparently not. The thought is comforting; we’re all slackers together!

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for a while now. I spent most of my winter break playing it. Haha. It’s too much fun, and I love my Breton mage. ♥ The lovely Teekwidca is making a site with videos of him playing Oblivion♥, Morrowind♥, and Hitman (which my brother likes).

Bayside and Anberlin are touring together. It’s like a dream come true. Double the dosage of emo all in one night. I’m terribly excited! (:

Deathnote is awesome. I finally got around to buying some of them. I like!

And speaking of money, for the New Year’s party Auntie Elle gave the adults something between $300 and $500 (or my Mom got $500, anyway, but she’s the oldest). I got $200, and my brother got $100. He already spent it, that little kid. :laughing:

One day I’m going to quote “A Worn and Weathered Note” from Morrowind in its entirety. Mind-reader kind of thing. It so correctly explains how I feel.

I try, in vain, to forgive and forget myself as I paste on those plaster smiles and strain to look levelly. I remember. I forget. I forget again. I remember less. I am saddened at the thought that I have forgotten. I am not who I used to be.

I am progressing at a stagnant pace.

7 thoughts on “The Silence of Sound

  1. Thanks for your comment!
    However, I must inquire if you are using Firefox, I have realized that my layout appears wonky on Firefox browsers, it should look perfectly alright with Internet Explorer.

  2. I love the “we’re all slackers together” feeling… it’s such a comfort, when you start to panic about the fact that you’ve done absolutely NOTHING, then you ask a friend and they’ve seemingly done even less :laughing:

    You layout is wonderful – I love how your sidebars are full of plugins, but in a useful, non-pointless way… That makes no sense, heh. I know what I mean!

    ♥ x

  3. High school sure has changed since I was there… three years ago. Nobody arrived late for shit, and teachers were lucky if their class average was anywhere over the average C.

  4. wow HS life has changed since I was there. I was never a slacker and I always did my project on time and never didthem last minutes. Times have changed.

  5. My english teacher did the same thing to us. Essay now magically worth 50% of our final. At least we have til Monday to get it done… :shocked:

  6. I know what you mean about slacking off. I think everyone does it. I am actually procrastinating at the moment from my English project on the Canterbury Tales.

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