Get Up Kid

I got a new computer yesterday. Funfun. :] It’s an HP Pavilion m7640n. The very geeky details are here. I love it! My mom got a new laptop last weekend, too. My brother feels left out. :bummed: I’m thinking of giving him the graphics card on my other HP so he can feel better.

I got my hair dyed black on Thursday. Of all the colors, it’s the one color I’ve just never had. And because I’m a silly kind of picture-taking emo girl, I’ve provided pictures. Lots and lots of pictures to make up for my lack of words.

Before going to the salon. I love my curls.

Two days after getting it dyed. Pre-straightening. I love taking pictures of myself with my hair in funny ponytails. (:

Straightened. Lovely green contacts.

You might have a preference in colors (before or after), but that’s not the point. I really liked my brown and blonde-highlighted hair, but it’s time for change. I hang out with Jackie for a week and my hair is suddenly black. They’re not related, I promise. I love♥ Jackie:


So listen up: this is the end.

7 thoughts on “Get Up Kid

  1. Love the hair, you’re very pretty 🙂
    Yay for getting a new computer! I just got a new computer too for chrismas.
    I was thinking, who’s the person in the picture at the bottom? 😛

  2. I really like your hair. (I used to be one of those people who changed haircolour every 4 weeks!)

    And congrats about the new PC – Kudos to you for having an AMD processor! :heart:

  3. Ooh wow I really like your new haircolor. I’m actually dyeing my hair red tomorrow, so it’s reassuring to see someone else have success xP. You lucky duck for getting a new laptop!

  4. Hey this is Trang. i closed down and have moved to a new link =]

    Congrats on getting a brand new computer!! have fun using it =] lovin’ the new hair color as well ^^

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