DayJanuary 22, 2007

1, 2 Complex

“Sam, you’re always going to be the guy at the restaurant, who, when he gets what he ordered, decides he wants what the other guy has instead.” — Movie quote from Picture Perfect.

I’m like Sam, except I’m a girl. I’ll speak in numbers to help explain myself. If 1 likes 2, then I like 2. Basically, I have this need to be liked. I must be liked. And anyway, I’m affable. Once, in ninth grade, I found out that this one kid didn’t like me because I always spoke up in class and “knew all the answers.” I made it a point to speak to him, made him my partner for a project, and got him to be my friend. I can’t accept that not everyone is going to like me. But why this need to be liked by #2’s? Why do I like 2’s? Gah. It’s so strange. I want to be #2’s friend; #2 seems interesting, at least for now, while #1 likes #2. Grr. Am I making any sense?!

Still, I lack words. I’ve been too happy lately. Give me something profound to ponder.

I heart my glasses. Let’s make this revised version of the peace sign famous.

Soon the rain will wash away the sun, as I melt with you, I AM GHOST.