1, 2 Complex

“Sam, you’re always going to be the guy at the restaurant, who, when he gets what he ordered, decides he wants what the other guy has instead.” — Movie quote from Picture Perfect.

I’m like Sam, except I’m a girl. I’ll speak in numbers to help explain myself. If 1 likes 2, then I like 2. Basically, I have this need to be liked. I must be liked. And anyway, I’m affable. Once, in ninth grade, I found out that this one kid didn’t like me because I always spoke up in class and “knew all the answers.” I made it a point to speak to him, made him my partner for a project, and got him to be my friend. I can’t accept that not everyone is going to like me. But why this need to be liked by #2’s? Why do I like 2’s? Gah. It’s so strange. I want to be #2’s friend; #2 seems interesting, at least for now, while #1 likes #2. Grr. Am I making any sense?!

Still, I lack words. I’ve been too happy lately. Give me something profound to ponder.

I heart my glasses. Let’s make this revised version of the peace sign famous.

Soon the rain will wash away the sun, as I melt with you, I AM GHOST.

5 thoughts on “1, 2 Complex

  1. the glasses are nice. i totally get what you mean, but im one of those ppl who dont care what ppl think of me. i dont need to be liked by everybody….but i get what youre talking about. my ex-best friend was like that. she drove ppl crazy tho cuz of this issue with being liked. but what the hell…we all have our quirks…..still like the glasses.

  2. I know its not nice to have people not like you but sometimes you just have to admit that not everyone is going to like you and you need to just be your own person…not what other people want you to be.

    Your glasses are very pretty 🙂

  3. Rofl nice peace sign. I think it will catch on. I’m the same way. I cannot stand it when people don’t like me. I will try really hard to change it and it still won’t work. It really bothers me. I think numbers are a little complex. Noone likes math that much xD. Best of luck getting #2.

  4. I hate when people dislike me also, but it’s hard to get everyone to like you. Surprising enough, I know a lot of people who don’t like me because of my name. Now that is just STUPID.
    Your glasses look really nice on you, and the peace sign is awsome, it will definatly catch on.

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