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Kuno Becker is gorgeous. And typically I don’t like hispanic guys, but Kuno is a very rare exception!!




I just finished watching Goal! starring Kuno Becker. (: I first started crushing on him around 1999, when I was 10 years old, in a telenovela (Spanish soap opera) he was in: Soñadoras.

Okay, so I’ve been posting lots of pictures to compensate for my lack of words.

Now this is Ichihara Hayato, one of the cutest Japanese actors, evAr. He came out in the J-drama Water Boys 2, and a movie called All About Lily Chou-Chou.

Today, I made an appointment to see a psychiatrist. My mother works for Kaiser Permanente, so the expenses are all covered. I love my Mother’s job. I want to work for Kaiser as a psychiatrist when I get older. :] I need to learn to speak again. The silence is only so calming. Words used to be my friend. Fear is taking over at my loss for words.

I’ve almost attained ultimate happiness. So close, but never close enough.

6 thoughts on “I Say…

  1. Interesting career choice, I bet it takes a lot of work and training to become a Psychiatrist huh? I’m not much of a listener so I reckon I’d hate it lol

  2. Kuno isn’t half bad looking. Whoo. Maybe I’ll buy a poster of him or something. XD

    I haven’t heard of Ichihara Hayato yet. But he is a cutie. :heart:

    Good luck at the psychiatrist. Hopefully you’ll regain your words.

    In response to your comment on Misstuned, which I absolutely loved. (Long comments are my favorite) I am aware that in English we hold “eeeee” sounds really long, and in japanese that’s denoted with a dash after the kanji, but I don’t like the sound “EEEEEE” in English. It drives me nuts. Therefore I removed the customary extension of the English “eee” sound (i to ii). I purposely say my name “Mah-di” instead of “Muh-reeee” in English. I suppose I should have stated that somewhere already, but my about pages on my personal site are still under construction.

    Eye candy posts rock. Especially when the author has good taste. :laughing:

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