DayJanuary 31, 2007

Leaked In London

Do you like leaks? I have Fall Out Boy’s Infinity On High and Bayside’s The Walking Wounded albums already. The difference being that I hate Fall Out Boy and I love Bayside. I already pre-ordered my Bayside CD along with Anberlin’s Cities. Ugh, I hate Pete’s (from FOB) attitude toward their album leak. Pete says:

Our job is to put out records and tour and make music. What are we gonna do? Sit at the plant and watch everybody? Some guy working minimum wage, why would he care how it affects us? It’s a multi-pronged thing.

This could be the worst leak in the history in music, if you think that every year computers, iPod, internet music grows exponentially and we’re probably one of the biggest bands in rock music on the internet.

How f_cking conceited is that? They ought to appreciate that anyone listens to their music at all. Honestly, the reason I don’t like FOB is because the vocals and instruments give me a headache. I truly attempted to listen to their old stuff, but I just couldn’t take it. As for the new album, it sounds unlike them. But trust me, it’s nothing special at all. Argh, I mean come on, Pete… it’s not about the money. F_cking minimum wage… arghh! I could just slap him.

As for the Bayside leak, I’m on the Bayside Street Team message board and Anthony personally said that if we go to concerts, buy the cd, and just give our support, they don’t care if we have the leak. I’ve already got my copy lined up, so I’m all set! One of the two main reasons I don’t buy music from iTunes is that I lovelovelove cover art and the booklets. I NEED to own CDs. (: But … still, FOB needs to step down from that pedestal. Bayside’s album is waaaay better. They’re such an underrated band that’s been overlooked. I recommend you look into them if you haven’t already.

I made a new myspace just to promote Bayside. (: My AIM away message and profile advertise Bayside, and etc. I honestly love these guys. :]

Concerts I’m going to:

2/13: Three Days Grace w/ Flyleaf @ House of Blues
2/23: Dir en Grey w/ Fair to Midland @ The Wiltern
3/10: My Chemical Romance @ The Forum
3/13: Bayside& Anberlin♥ w/ Jonezetta and Meg&Dia @ El Rey Theatre
4/13: Relient K @ The Avalon