An exchanging of words

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It’s past 2am on Saturday morning and I cannot sleep. This isn’t a case of insomnia, but rather, a case of stupidity. Considering it was finals week, there was no school on Friday so I slept in until 10:30am. I was online for a while and then went back to sleep from 1-5pm. Now, I’m only mildly sleepy. I’ve got nothing to do and the energy to do something.

I finally updated to WordPress 2.1 (it’s been out for 11 days). One of the plugins I use wasn’t compatible so I removed it and found another one similar. So now instead of Live+Press I use some LJXP (LJ Cross-poster). I also downloaded and installed a Xanga crossposter. The last time I wrote in my xanga was in July. This plugin ought to boost the post count. :> Yey for that. I guess this post is more of a test post to make sure these plugins work.

A short time after I awoke I got a call. A displeasing call, no less. He can be such an ass. I was immediately annoyed. Well, that’s not good, is it? After a long 2 hour conversation (it seemed to go on forever because I was so upset) I ate dinner and decided to get online. Oh-so-lovely Sarah IMed me (I loathe her with every fiber of my being). She subtley blamed me for her boyfriend breaking up with her. It isn’t my fault she kissed two other guys on her birthday and it isn’t my fault everyone under the sun knows she’s a whore. Anyway, her boyfriend calls me all the time, texts me, etc. and I doubt she knew this because she asked if I had ever spoken about her to him telling him the things she’s done. Argh. Double the annoyance.

Naturally, I send him a text asking why I just got blamed. He called her and tried to straighten things out, but I don’t know if it did anything. Oh well right? It’s just another day. I sound overly dramatic; that in itself is irksome.

Cut, cut, cut, cutting myself down to pieces
Too hard on myself it would seem
That everyone could see my self-worth beneath

We take everything we know
About ourselves and put them in
A diary in a fire ring
Scrutiny below not me now
I think I’m ready to go

Oh, right. New layout. Eh, I don’t really like it. I want to make another pure CSS layout. The last layout was fun because of all the CSS customizations. You know what I haven’t heard in a while? “Wow… I love your layout.” Haha… I need to make something amazing, that even I like. It’s been a while… *sigh* Where’s the creativity?

Back, back, back, back to the crooner in question
I sure hope you all like my songs
Well maybe I put too much talk in my rhymes
And melodies so stunning brainwashing minds

(Lyrics to Bayside’s A Rite Of Passage from The Walking Wounded album. 2/6/07)

The download for FOB’s leak will be up for a few days. Download it, I don’t care.
Mirror 1 (It should work, no DL limit.)

Everything is merely an exchange of words and I’m tired of talking.

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  1. well, i don’t see how it could be your fault, if she was randomly kissing other guys then she obviously didn’t care about keeping her boyfriend, so chin up and smile 🙂

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