Convenience Can Comfort You Now

Yesterday morning my auntie Meme came to pick me up after my brother went with his dad to do whatever it is they do… xD; She picked me up and we went to Borders, the mall, Old Navy, and then we ate at Marie Callender’s.

img_0749.jpgWe took Midori with us!! She’s just a bit over a month old. She is really adorable. I’ll have lots of pictures soon considering I’m having a blogathon. ^_^ Posts every single day. XD It seems like a lot, ne? I got two more tanks at Old Navy. I lovelovelove their long tanks there. I need MORE and in every color. ♥

After eating dinner we went back to Auntie Maggie’s place to eat pie. Auntie Meme and I were sleepy so we went back to her place. At 11:30pm I took a shower and then we watched Goal! (with Kuno Becker). She liked it, too!! At 1:30am when the movie was over, I passed out and fell asleep until 10am. Unfortunately, because I slept in I missed a phone call. Oh well… another day. =/

I got ready for a new day. Meme, Brian, and I went to Elle’s house to get a TV she no longer wants because she got a new one, and two coffee tables. We used my mom’s truck (she bought it just so the whole family can move stuff like this) to move the stuff. Maggie and Brian got the TV and Meme got the two tables. (: It was heavy work moving the TV up the stairs. My arms were so tired. xD I changed into my “going-out” clothes and we headed towards Estuardo’s house for the Super Bowl party.

I had lots and lots of fun! Colts!! :]

As I got back home tonight I received an IM and then a phone call from E.H. Hm, it was actually pleasant. Interesting as well. I don’t know. I struggle with this friend of mine. I cannot figure out his logic. 🙁

Let’s live dangerous together♥.

One thought on “Convenience Can Comfort You Now

  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun going to the mall and eating at Marie Calendars. Midori is really cute and so tiny! Heh, anyway good luck with your blogathon. I”m considering starting one of my own, but we’ll see how that goes!

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