Spin Around

I awoke from a four-hour nap at 8pm. Still, I’m sleepy. When did I get so exhausted?

After getting home I found out there would be an online stream to watch Bayside live from a store performance they were having in New Jersey. The stream was pretty damn laggy for everyone watching. =/ After 45 minutes I gave up trying to watch and fell asleep comfortably in my warm bed. Not even dreams bothered me. I awoke to sounds of my mom speaking. Ah well. Extra sleep is wonderful. I feel like going back to sleep now, but I have to finish this entry for the Blogathon.


I want Keira Knightley’s body. Image of perfection. Yaddayadda. Oh well. Let’s go get me a personal trainer. Why? Well, that’s my excuse as to why I don’t look like that. Ninth grade I had the body I wanted/liked so I know I can do it. But, motivation is lacking. There’s always something lacking. It’s like a funhouse mirror version of myself through these fucked up lies of yours.

Getting out of school early = nice! More freetime!! Yeyey. There’s also no school this coming Monday nor the Monday after.

Oh, ew. Regular government class is scary. The teacher Mr. Kruip assumes no one knows anything about anything – and maybe they don’t. I was just a little bit peeved because I haven’t been read any classroom expectations in a few years from any teacher. I suddenly felt like I was being talked down to by a teacher, but he’s entirely nice. I’m just accustomed to having teachers speak to me as somewhat more of an equal. Ehh, at least it’ll be less demanding in the study department.

Bayside’s album The Walking Wounded came out in stores today!! I got mine in the mail~ Lovelovelove it. Now all I have to do is wait for Anberlin’s Cities to come out on the 20th!!

People tell me the weirdest things… but anyway.

You can’t trust a heart / That was cold from the start /Waste your time on it

3 thoughts on “Spin Around

  1. yes i mean afterall Thursday is only one day away now.. so i guess i can just think positively or something. i need to get away from this controling thing. like one thing controls my life all the time. its awful really.

  2. I don’t know Bayside, hehe..
    And yes, you’re right! Keira has the ‘it’ body. I want to look like her (slim)!
    Well, getting out of school early is fun! Have fun on your holiday 😀

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