Phonecall From Poland

So lately my life has revolved around conversations and phone calls. I’ve not received a phone call from Poland, that’s just the name of a Bayside song. The Art Institute of Los Angeles called me on the phone today because a representative visited my high-school a few months back and took an interest in me. I’ve set up an appointment to visit the campus on Monday. The phone call scared me. Thinking of my future is rather scary… I’ve always dreamt of becoming a psychiatrist. Steering away from my already set path sounds disastrous. Well, not exactly, but I fear drastic life-affecting change. The representative that called me sounded awfully excited about me and described me as a “perfect candidate.” She wants me to bring samples of my designs on Monday. And this is where I wish I was better. Ah, but anyway, it’s not even something that’s 100% set in stone. I’m still waiting for my “emo” month of March: college acceptance (or rejection) letters from UCs arrive. It feels like my life depends on those, but I have to remind myself that life is not over if I don’t get accepted.

Hah, it’s funny because “everyone” (that qualifies) gets accepted into UC Merced. So I’m not spazzing out as much, but I’m still afraid. I only regret having so much fear that I didn’t even apply to Univ. of Chicago. If I continue with my career path of psychiatrist I want to apply to Univ. of Chicago and UC San Francisco for grad school. Oh woe is me, oh woe are us, but not anymore we stand up for ourselves.

This blogathon makes me realize that things occur to me every day. Or, I think about different things every day. Life is full of endless possibilities. The 101 Goals in 1001 days inspires me. I want to be a better person. Seriously. I added a few more goals last night. I think I’m on #67. I need some do-able more immediate goals. Most of them seem long-term.

I already know what I want to do when I’m 18: get a Bayside tattoo. The tattoo will be of the very pretty Bayside bird with the words, “… and it changed my life.” below it. As of yet I don’t know where I want this tattoo, though. It can’t be a in a very noticable location because I eventually want to be a respectable adult. Haha. I’m very serious about this tattoo. Bayside has been such a big part of my life and even if one day they disband or something like that happens I won’t regret it because tattoos represent a time period of your life.

Brit. D. asked me if I’m goth. xD This is so funny to me. I can’t go from preppy A&F to goth. Really! I just wear a heck of a lot more black now. :] Hey, can you blame me? It matches my hair. Ah, but I’m still a sucker for those bright AE clothes so I’m not a complete convert. I mean, I bought a white zip-up hoodie from Hollister last week. I spent $80 there. I am my own style. And since I’m bi-polar, that varies from day to day. ;]

Bayside was on FUSE on Steve’s Untitled Rock Show today at 4pm PST. Bayside had a live stream yesterday from a store show in NJ. Bayside kicks ass. Honestly. ♥ Heh. I can’t stop promoting them especially since their new album came out yesterday.

Mom gets here at 7:45ish. We’re going to the market. Yey. I want more oranges. I’m addicted to oranges. A Clockwork Orange. I want to read that book. Hm, my thoughts are all over the place. I am BLOGATIVE. I love coming up with words; it’s my hobby.

These are my last words.

2 thoughts on “Phonecall From Poland

  1. ;3; Kiera Knightly’s body is…interesting. This reminds me of a quote I read not too long ago that said that Knightly was an actress slightly more manly than Bloom.

    Put your tattoo where no one but your significant other would see it. ;D XDD

    ;d If I had two lives, I’d go to an art college. That’s really cool.

  2. oh my ! a bayside bird tattoo! i want to get one too, to represent my transformation from shy timid girl of HS to a more well rounded person this college. i hope i can get one when i graduate but same as you, on a place that is discreet because i don’t want any job offerings gone to waste because i have a tattoo 🙂

    good luck with getting yours done! and for the record, i love your idea

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