Paying In Naivete

I need to make a new layout. Seriously. I haven’t made a layout since the beginning of December. I wonder where my creativity stands as of now. As I type this I’m opening photoshop. I’m thinking I haven’t had a pink layout in a really long time. ^_^; And since it IS February, might as well. I’m so tempted to use an old layout that I love, for this month. Hah. I = slacker.

Ryan wanted me to talk about how he annoys me and we talk about how “he stands erect.” Hahaha. Oh that silly boy. :] We both just mentioned we watch The Discovery Channel. It’s like a secret pleasure… only geeks watch it. Hence, we’re geeks. I love being geeky. (:

10thingshate.jpgA week or two ago I watched Jennifer Aniston in a movie called Object of My Affection and now I feel like watching My Best Friend’s Wedding and 10 Things I Hate About You. breakfast_club.jpg I love the My Best Friend’s Wedding and 10 Things I Hate About You soundtracks. The 90s were awesome. I love 80s movies, too. Haha oh like The Breakfast Club and Weird Science were really awesome. I’m in a movie-watching mood right now.

Again, I took a nap today. What the heckkk? Well then again, Mom, brother, and I stayed up laaate last night watching the Discovery Health channel. ^_^ We were going to watch some shows today, but I opted for blogging and whatnot.

Can I be forgiven? I don’t want to be anyone’s excuse to cry…

2 thoughts on “Paying In Naivete

  1. If the Discovery Channel is a secret pleasure, then we ALL have a secret. 🙂 I’ll admit my mom and I sneak to use Dad’s HD TV just to watch Discovery HD.

    Pink Layout: GO!

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