And I Never Loved You Back

Tomorrow I’m going to a Three Days Grace (w/ Flyleaf) concert. I=excited. I also have some reading to catch up on.

I’m feeling bleh. I’ll feel more “blogative” eventually. I joined another challenge. You can find it in the content section of the sidebar. I feel like I need these challenges just to motivate myself to do something. *sigh*

The life I think about
Is so much better than this
I never thought I’d be stuck in this mess
I’m sick of wondering
Is it life or death?

I need a boost of caffeine. Pwuahaha soda :> Okkk, reading time. Reading rainbow. I loved that show. I’ve said that before on a long-ago blog entry. I need to write one of those really meaningful entries sometime soon. I think if I reread Sister Carrie, I’d sooo be inspired. For now I need to finish Thousand Acres and read Act II of King Lear.

You’re wrong if you think I’ll be just like you. (I wish I could say your name.)

One thought on “And I Never Loved You Back

  1. Three Days Grace is good, although for me they were more of a phase…especially the song I Hate Everything About You. Hope you have a great time!!

    I’m definately having a motivation problem lately. I’ve been looking around message board for writing contests and stuff. Hope you find your motivation soon!

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