I stayed up until 2am this morning. I had three English assignments to do. Brian Han and I stayed up working on the English stuff. Procrastination = bad, but I do it every time. lols.

I’m waiting for 12:35am so I can watch 3DG on TV. (:

Today I had my annual optometry appointment. My vision is 99% the same, thank goodness. My eyesight was getting worse every year, until this one~! Yey for that. I got back home and my mom had to go to Auntie Elle’s house, so I stayed home with my brother and I quickly fell asleep. And yet, I’m still sleepy now. lols. But wait, I must. :]

My cell has been acting up. 🙁 I got an IM from Haku that my cell sounded busy. I looked at my cell and it was fine… except apparently not receiving any calls. I keep getting this static-y picture and then it turns off. I ♥ my cell, so I feel emo.

Ah, I had a ♥ to ♥ with Lindsey today before my eye appt. But, I know inside, it didn’t help too much… we’re still both very emo girls. We can relate so well, but because of that together we’re almost disastrously distraught. *hugs my lovely Linds*

I’m seriously so tired of pretending. I talk to him just about every day, and he can’t get out of the “happy bubble” notion. It kills me. I say something like, “I’m so depressed” without any good response. Yesterday, I asked three people for help and none of them realized it. Oh well, right?

Whichever you prefer.

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