With every new layout I attempt some new form of coding. I’ve begun sketching all my layout ideas because I need to keep track of the things I want to use. I’ve been working on the next layout for a little while now, and I feel brain-dead, seriously. I’ve always been against using the ul and li tags, but I see now how useful they are. Except, it takes a lot to get them to look like you want. Soo… I = exhausted.

The new layout won’t be up until March, but I already started working on it. Instead of doing it in one shot I’ll divide up the coding and do bit by bit. That’s much easier even though once you start coding it’s hard to stop. :]

Lots of things happened at school today. Most appear uneventful, but they were memorable. ^_^ Serna ratted out why David didn’t come to school (he lost his cellphone so he feels emo). Jean and I exchanged information (she qualifies for the National Merit Scholarship, along with Eleni!!). I miss 6th period AP Stats. Everyone in 2nd period cheats and it pisses me off. =/ THEY even have a math book with all the answers. Gah.

Lalala. I’m hyper-crashing. I’m hyper, but that’s because I’m so tiiiired. So off I go. I know I wanted to say something… but now I can’t remember it.

Leave me here, thinking.

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