Don’t Wake Me Up ‘Till Someone Cares

I’m still down, but there’s no point whining and complaining about it. But you just have to love jackets and hoodies to hide the bruises and scratches on my arms. Masking the truth is the best alternative. I didn’t even tell one of my best friends anything until a week later and kept one incident a secret for three weeks. I caved in and I had to tell him. *sigh* I’m breaking down.

You can’t turn off that you’re dead
You just deal with it (deal with it)
Thought I was dreaming
My heart stopped beating

Today is my brother’s birthday. He’s eleven now. :] Cutecute. I didn’t like the cake, sadly.

I feel like eating ice right now. Yeah, kinda weird. But there was a “I want to be anorexic” thing on 43things that suggested eating ice and although it’s not a goal of mine, I like ice. Reminded me of it. Lol. Yeah, I sure did join 43things today. I added more goals to my 101 in 1001.

For the record, the comments in the entry below were … not that helpful. Sorry to say, but it’s the truth. Most just reiterated what I already know. I’m very self-aware. I believe that’s why I refrain from making honest posts about what’s really bothering me. Even that post made no true reference to where the blood came from, or what I was crying about. I am self-aware. That sets me apart from some of the other emo kids. I have a reason.

I didn’t blog yesterday. What a bummer. :bummed: I did edit goals posts and etc., but I don’t think it counts. Ah well. Blogathon, I’m sorry.

Oh, hm. I watched That Thing You Do! today on Time Warner’s OnDemand. :] Nicenice. I’m purposely watching movies to get my 150 in quickly and surpass it. (:

Currently, AP Stats is kicking my butt. Last semester I had a 98% (I went from an 89.7 to 98 with an extra credit hw assignment and acing the final). (: Now, since grades started afresh I’ve no idea where I stand, but it feels not-so-good. Gah. Gahhh. Hm, I failed to mention I got a 4.0 first semester. I’m kinda bummed about that, too, ‘cus last year I had a 4.5… but I didn’t ace any other AP classes besides Stats. 🙁 Well, well. Oh well?

My brain hurts from stats homework. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Don’t Wake Me Up ‘Till Someone Cares

  1. That Thing You Do was a guilty pleasure for me, lol but it is a good movie. I love me some Tom Hanks:). I was just in Stats 145 last quarter. I had somewhat of a hard time with it as well. We werent offered any ex Cred but Damn I could have used it! :bummed:

  2. I don’t always think that it’s a matter of being “strong” about it, but the fact that sometimes it just makes it worse, when people want to talk to you about it. Just make sure you don’t implode.

    Happy birthday to you brother. Not quite in the teens yet – do you sigh with relief or not? Lol.

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