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Hah, this morning I managed to click around (like always) and I’m absorbed by Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero concept. It’s heavy.

To summarize, read “Year Zero” Project = Way Cooler Than “Lost” and Year Zero Project: Fahrenheit NIN, both written by Rolling Stone. ETS is highly addictive. There are hundreds of threads and thousands of posts. It’s really hard to catch up, but I’ve been trying! However, I must note that I don’t really like NIN, just this new concept.

AH! Hm, I just called by brother’s cellphone and it said Network Busy. I called again and it was this robotic voice that was talking. I’m really freaked out now… ;__; I hung up because although it was in English, she was saying something really scary and creepy. That was all too creepy. *shudders*

I’m still in my “I-Hate-Life” stage. Yaddayadda. Private posts is where I complain.

The end. (:

Edit: No, no! I completely forgot to add that we had a silly assignment for AP English to write a poem with a Valentine’s related emotion that either personified the emotion, or was a metaphor. We also needed to include a visual to match the poem. Haha, well it was past midnight and I came up with this (but I must note I SUCK HARDCORE at poetry):


Black are the ashes you’ve left behind
You’re the flame that burns me
We let this feeling die
I can’t seem to let this go

See the years turn to ashes
I am the cinder
And ashes fall to the ground
Cauterize what’s left of me

— (: okok so that isn’t all that great, plus it’s only 8 lines, but I loooooved my visual:


LoLLerskates. Isn’t that bitter? Oh yeah, and that’s Aaron Carter or something. He was the only person I could think of in my age range, at “past midnight.” XD; He’s like ON FIIIIRE, literally. ^_^;

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