Laying Low

I have no layout inspiration. I’m starting to think I lost all my talent. All of iiiit. Where is it? =/

I did make this today, though:

Click for bigger picture. I used some tutorial on LJ. It’s waaay different from the original. The original made me look uglier than usual. Haha. Argh, but I can’t make a layout!! So lame.


Thursday with Paula was superfun. :] Downtown LA. Little Tokyo. Suehiro. Waterfall. Underground walking tunnel. Haha, lots o’ fun.

Friday, my family decided to finally celebrate my birthday. Urghh. I had fun.

I don’t feel like blogging right now. And I have zero inspiration. ):


One thought on “Laying Low

  1. Hi there! I read your post comment on my site. Im glad I made you happy because that makes me fell happy aswell, knowing that I made a person smile. Im also glad to know that your family decided to celebrate your Birthday! So how can we be blog buddies? Thanks so much

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