DayMarch 16, 2007


I got accepted to UC Santa Barbara!! :] I’m suddenly motivated again. All those years of school were definitely worth it. I loveee the campus!! However, I’m still wishing and hoping for UCLA. Eek!! Miracles happennnn. :0 lool.

For AP English we’re currently reading 3 books and starting a new one on Monday (Catch-22) O_O; Haha… thank goodness I love to read, but it’s starting to seriously pile up!!

Before Chapter 10 of AP Stats I was so sure I wanted to take the AP exam. Now I’m not so sure. I have until Wednesday to decide. I don’t even know if I’ll take the AP Econ exam. 😡 For sure, I’m taking both of the AP English exams. :] NO AP BIO EXAM FOR ME. I doubt anyyy one of us is taking that exam. Ackk.

I registered to vote for 2008 already. I’m proud of myself. ^__^;

Not much else to say, so I’ll be off to do something else.