I got accepted to UC Santa Barbara!! :] I’m suddenly motivated again. All those years of school were definitely worth it. I loveee the campus!! However, I’m still wishing and hoping for UCLA. Eek!! Miracles happennnn. :0 lool.

For AP English we’re currently reading 3 books and starting a new one on Monday (Catch-22) O_O; Haha… thank goodness I love to read, but it’s starting to seriously pile up!!

Before Chapter 10 of AP Stats I was so sure I wanted to take the AP exam. Now I’m not so sure. I have until Wednesday to decide. I don’t even know if I’ll take the AP Econ exam. 😡 For sure, I’m taking both of the AP English exams. :] NO AP BIO EXAM FOR ME. I doubt anyyy one of us is taking that exam. Ackk.

I registered to vote for 2008 already. I’m proud of myself. ^__^;

Not much else to say, so I’ll be off to do something else.

4 thoughts on “Energizer

  1. Congratulations! The first “you’re accepted” letter I ever got was pretty much the best day of my life.

    Definitely stay away from AP Bio, I don’t know ANYONE who didn’t feel ass-raped afterward :X

    Definitely go to Ap Econ; assuming Micro and MAcro are different tests because you have one to fall back on if you bomb the other.

    And Catch-22, man. Its one of the few books I’ve given up trying to read. Please, what kind of character name is Yossarian anyway.

  2. Congratulations again ;D haha.

    My AP English class is going really slow right now. The teacher goes really easy on us so I don’t think I’ll have a chance passing the test T-T. You should good 1984 it’s a great book! Orwell is an a great author.

    Do you know who you want to votefor in next years presidental election? =D

  3. Catch-22 is aweeesoomme. :O! It’s kind of for people with ADD, but I really loved it and am writing my report on it. :3

    I’m tired of AP Tests. :d Congrats on your college acceptance. :>

  4. UCSB! Go there so I can visit you and I can eat allll their beautiful fooood. (: hehe And take those damned AP Econ and Stats! Save yourself some time in the future and you’ll thank yourself. If it’s piling too high, then at least take the one you’re most comfortable with from either two.

    BTW, I like the font in this comment box, what’s it called and what’s its size? :silly:

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