DayMarch 26, 2007


Why, yes, I am sick. Arghh! T_T;; My auntie had a cold and she got my little brother sick and now he got me sick. Whyyy? I hatehatehate being sick. Seriously.

On Friday, Mom, Brother, and I drove to Santa Barbara for a tour of the UC campus. I fuhreaking loved it. The campus inspires me!! :] Good signs. Of course, I’m waiting on the status of all the other UC campuses, but I’ve already decided that if my some miracle I get accepted into UCLA, I don’t want to go there. ^_^ This is a very brave decision because clearly it’s the closest UC and the second best UC. :0 My Uncle Brian went to UCLA, but I don’t know… I want to leave my comfort zone and explore. Plus, the UCLA campus is way too small for all the students it has. I don’t want to be a grain of insignificant sand at that campus.

Anyway, nothing much else to say… hm, except that I like some hip hop now. Haha, it’s the most unexpected thing ever. xD Oh yeah, and I love the show, The L Word. Sooo intriguing!

Hm, I bought Casino Royale yesterday. I freaking x love that movie. :]

I’m waiting for the postman to bring me letters.