Why, yes, I am sick. Arghh! T_T;; My auntie had a cold and she got my little brother sick and now he got me sick. Whyyy? I hatehatehate being sick. Seriously.

On Friday, Mom, Brother, and I drove to Santa Barbara for a tour of the UC campus. I fuhreaking loved it. The campus inspires me!! :] Good signs. Of course, I’m waiting on the status of all the other UC campuses, but I’ve already decided that if my some miracle I get accepted into UCLA, I don’t want to go there. ^_^ This is a very brave decision because clearly it’s the closest UC and the second best UC. :0 My Uncle Brian went to UCLA, but I don’t know… I want to leave my comfort zone and explore. Plus, the UCLA campus is way too small for all the students it has. I don’t want to be a grain of insignificant sand at that campus.

Anyway, nothing much else to say… hm, except that I like some hip hop now. Haha, it’s the most unexpected thing ever. xD Oh yeah, and I love the show, The L Word. Sooo intriguing!

Hm, I bought Casino Royale yesterday. I freaking x love that movie. :]

I’m waiting for the postman to bring me letters.

2 thoughts on “Siiiick.

  1. That’s cool. One of my friend is going to UC Santa Barbara. She told me the beaches there are beautiful ^^. Study hard then party hard ok? =P

    OOO i love Casino Royale. The car he drove in the movie is freaken hot!!

  2. Hoorah for leaving comfort zones!

    On another note, Casino Royale did NOT pass my test. NO real plot, NO real antagonist. Defibrilators? Who are we kidding?

    Though I understand most others do not share my views. :p

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