DayApril 18, 2007

In Response To My Letter, A Letter

Dear Bri,

I loved the assignment. If anyone wants to send themselves a letter you can feel free to do that through this site: Write an email to the future. I already wrote 3 to be sent on different days. It works out nicely because I have a terrible memory and it truly will be a surprise when I get the emails.

Okay, my writing was definitely better then than it is now. What the heck happened? I’m already decaying. Do I smell like an old person? Have you ever noticed how old people smell? It’s because their body is decaying, literally; they’re dying. Man, was I modest when I wrote that or what? My GPA came out to 4.5 at the end of the year. 🙂 First semester of senior year I managed a 4.0. Miracle worker, really, as I have taken it upon myself to rarely attend class because I hatehatehate going now. What a change. 360. And I was stupid to doubt my admissions. I’m going to UCSB. Congrats to self. Note lack of utter enthusiasm.

Well, I definitely hung out with Jackie more this year. I started off with Jean, Elizabeth, Vy, and David (Pedro never hangs out there anymore – he hangs out with jazz choir and band people). However, this year, Jean was always attending a club meeting, Elizabeth leaves before lunch for ROP, and David went with Piale and Chita. That left Vy, who I never talked to, really. I left and started hanging out with Jackie & friends for a good while. Er… but that kind of didn’t work too well either. Then I was absent for a really long time… and I semi went back to the non-existent group. But that’s not working. Elizabeth and I never talk anymore. I have nothing to say to her so whatever. Usually I leave before lunch (6th period off-roll) so I don’t talk to anyone at school. I like this whole “not having friends” stage. I don’t get on messengers anymore either. What do I do with my time? Yet, time is going too slowly. I hate school. It must end. Soon. I’m dying in there.

I now have 4,951 songs in my iPod. Not a major improvement. :\ I did delete about 1,000 songs so that might be why. Heh.

I almost wish I had never come back to my mother’s house… and some days I’m OK with it. I would have been so much better off staying with my auntie Meme…

Okay, so now there’s nothing more for me to say… I’m so boringgg. :0

Without Love,

Torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears
I’m not feeling this situation
Run away try to find that safe place you can hide
The best place to be when you’re feeling like
Me! (Me) Yeah! (Yeah)
All these things I hate revolve around
Me! (Me) Yeah! (Yeah)
back off before I snap