MonthMay 2007

Hit Play.

Spaghetti for dinner equals love. I had to hug Midori when Meme said so. Here’s how it played out:

Me: What’s for dinner?
Brian: Yeah, what’s for dinner?
Maggie: Nothing. We’re not having dinner.
Me: Blasphemy! I love that word… is it even right?
Brian: Yeah.
Maggie: What does that mean? What’s the word for it in Spanish?
Me: Blasfemosa? hahaha.
-Everyone laughs-
Brian: -explains definition-
-I turn back to monitor-
Me: Spaghetti? I heard the word spaghetti!
Maggie: Yeah, but Meme is making it.
Meme: Uh… let me check if I have spaghetti.
Me: Awww…
Meme: Okay, I have ramen… penne, and linguini. Which would you prefer?
All: None…
Meme: Okay, I’m going to the market.

:] Yeyy!! I love spaghetti. Fo’ sho!

I worked on a little digital make-over because I got bored. Thanks to Paula for the idea.

I’m having Vista blues. My Photoshop CS2 does not work. It’s frustrating! I’m forced to use Photoshop CS, which lacks a few tools that I need.

-HOURS later-

Well… I went to play Scrabble. Emooo… :\ I’ve never won a game of Scrabble and arghhh! This time I had 116 points and Brian had 118 points. I was SO close to winning. I nevereverever win. What gives?

Ohh, and on Saturday I went to see My American Heart and The Audition at The Roxy. I FREAKING X LOVE My American Heart♥♥♥

Monday EDIT: I went to Wilderness Park today! Jean, Elizabeth, David, and I had a picnic. We talked for some 4 hours. It was super duper fun. :]

Hung Up

I have a tiiiiiny little crush on someone with the same initials as me. xD I just realized that today as I was telling David about a situation in which this person said something shocking. Hahah. Ohh… and I keep having dreams with the person I was a TA with first semester. He’s just like … IN all of them. Wtfff man? I’m desperately trying to avoid him. Funny, his class is across from mine twice a day. Eekk…. and his smile is just the best. AH!

I’ve been writing in one of my many real life journals lately. However, I’m still not saying much. Aish! I’m working on a fix for this.

Ryan’s birthday was yesterday. :] I wished him a happy birthday like three times. The first time it was at 12:03am and then like at… 1pm. Then when I got home. hahaha. That Ryan boy is all grown up. lol.

I donated blood for the first time ever on Wednesday, too. ^_^ I felt completely fine afterward. People kept complaining they felt weak, but I was fine. It was mostly the people that had donated before that felt weak. =\ Ahh and then Jackie donated even though she doesn’t weigh enough. The limit is like 110 lbs I think, but Jackie weighs a lot less than that. She was so tired. :\

I wore pink all week. A pink jacket here, a pink blouse there, and etc. A little color brings out the socialite in me. Fo’ sho. I’ve been saying that a lot. It’s funny. :]

Random thoughts, ey?

And the habit of decomposing right before your very (lalalala) eyes.

BTW, the new Linkin Park album is love. The song Given Up makes me dance like no other song. ^_^

Is it weird that I’m not going to my own grad nite? I’m going with my first high-school… it shall be weird seeing everyone again. I’m sensing there’ll be drama, and it will be exciting. Hah.

Busy day tomorrow! But it’s way too early to sleep. No, no, it’s not. I’m going to sleep~ :] I ramble a lot… good thing. My silence was irritating. I’m still working on it. Fo’ sho. 😀

You Ain’t ‘Cus You Not

That’s the lamest reason for anything, and yet the song is so catchy and stupid and blah blah. I like singing along to MIMS – This Is Why I’m Hot. But, I hate hip hop. With a few rare exceptions. Some songs are just so catchy. *ahem* Anyway.

This is the fifth time I’ve tried starting an entry. Nothing comes to mind. Hm, I didn’t go to school today considering there would be a max of like 2-3 people in each class, and as it is teachers have resorted to bringing in games like Scrabble or the N64. AP Exams are over. I didn’t really study [at all]. After three years of AP Exams if you don’t know the material, well then that’s it. Oh, right… I digressed. Anyway, people are getting ready for prom today. So no one would be at school. I’m staying home to chill. :] lool.

I was going to hang out with Jackie, Nelly, Sammy, and stuff, but ehh… I’m just not into anything social. So, yeah.

Uh… David came to school drunk on Wednesday. That was eventful. But then not really. *shrugs* Oh… Elizabeth was crying Thursday morning because her boyfriend missed his flight and can’t go to prom with her. Nothing has been happening on my end, which I’m grateful for, but makes for no blog entries. I haven’t been in the writing mood, really.

I ought to make fanciful stories of how I flew all over the world on a magic carpet, singing the whole time. No, wait… that’s Aladdin… 🙄

Don’t be so quick to walk away.
Dance with me.

Dancing is addicting. (But only in private, or in front of family) I like making people laugh. When I’m an “adult” I want to be as funny as my Uncle George. 😛

Edit: A little googling never hurt. This How-To is hilarious: How to Write a Deep and Thoughtful Blog Post People Will Want to Read

Really Not That Conceited

As we went to sleep last night I asked my aunt not to wake me up anytime before 8:30am. Surprisingly, I awoke at 8:30am myself. I wanted to stay in bed, but Meme insisted we go to the Farmer’s Market a few blocks away. It took me a more than a few minutes to get out of bed and get ready. By 9am we were on our way. I quickly spotted the Funnel Cake booth and got some to share with Meme. It was delicious; the strawberries tasted icy fresh. Meme purchased avocados and lemons and whatnot. I picked some oranges that actually tasted like oranges. Never ever in my life had I experienced the taste of oranges like this! So delicious were the oranges, I can’t even describe them. I have always wondered why orange juice tasted the way it did. No orange I ever ate tasted like those advertised freshly-squeezed orange juice cartons. And yet, this orange tasted exactly like that. The orange fell from the peel to my mouth with ease. Yum. As we walked further on I spotted the biggest strawberries everrrr! :0 We bought three little baskets of sweet and fresh strawberries. Waking up seems a pain, but it was worth it.

After the Farmer’s Market we went to some place called The Citadel with a lot of stores. I got some stuff. 😳 We didn’t stay too long because it was extremely hot. I like the stuff I got!

After several days of sold out shows Meme and I got tickets to watch Spider-man 3 at noon. We hadn’t yet eaten so we got random junk and rushed to our seats. The movie was about 2.5 hours, and I loved it. I’ll admit so much was going on it was a bit hard to keep track. It felt like some scenes might have been cut to save time, perhaps. In any case it was still amazing. Go watch it~!

My weekend is finally at an end and I’m content with all that I did. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to finish coding that layout. Argh! Soon, soon. Eventually…

I’m still annoyed by Windows Vista. Randomly when I restart my keyboard and mouse just won’t work. I’ve updated all the drivers so that isn’t it. It happens every once in a while. I’ve been restarting constantly because I’m installing all the new drivers and updates and blah blah blah, so I hate it when it happens. I have to use a USB mouse to get to the Pearl button to Restart. Sometimes it takes two or three restarts. Gr. Oh wells. I’ll deal with it later-ish.

Showertime! And goodnight♥~.