Figure This Out

Okkk so lots and lots of stuff has occurred. Bullet points are my friend.

  • I moved back with my auntie Meme.
  • I got a 9 on an essay in AP English. I’m ecstaticā™„!
  • I have AP Tests on Tuesday, Thursday, and then next week on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Motivation isn’t coming to my rescue. I have a dumb simple layout for Heart strutter and I can’t even bring myself to code it.
  • Sims 2 is more addicting than ever… :0
  • I may not be friends with D.Prez anymore…
  • D.Prez called me Friday night at 11:40pm. I didn’t know my cell rang so he left a message singing to me… O_o He asked why I’m mad. Haha… wow. Wtf.
  • I try not to carry my cellphone with me.
  • I don’t talk to anyone.
  • I got a new AIM SN… but I haven’t used it yet. I’m thinking about it.
  • For what seems like the first time ever I purposely lied to someone.
  • Every time you mention a problem, I just don’t care. No one in class listens to you either.
  • UCSB? I’m not sure… circumstantial problems.
  • I have to write a letter.
  • Some time really soon I have to send Ryan a package of random snacks. Haha. :]
  • I lovelovelove Midori-chan. She’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. And I’m picky about children.
  • I refuse to be absent again. Attendance = important.
  • I am constantly depressed.
  • It bothers me that most of these bullets start with “I”
  • Today, I installed Windows Vista. (: I hate it. It takes (lots and lots of) time to like it.

3 thoughts on “Figure This Out

  1. Woah that’s a lot of Ap test to take, but good luck in all of it!

    You’re soo smart, I’ve never wrote a 9 essay haha. What happen to UCSB are you still going?

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