DayMay 6, 2007

Really Not That Conceited

As we went to sleep last night I asked my aunt not to wake me up anytime before 8:30am. Surprisingly, I awoke at 8:30am myself. I wanted to stay in bed, but Meme insisted we go to the Farmer’s Market a few blocks away. It took me a more than a few minutes to get out of bed and get ready. By 9am we were on our way. I quickly spotted the Funnel Cake booth and got some to share with Meme. It was delicious; the strawberries tasted icy fresh. Meme purchased avocados and lemons and whatnot. I picked some oranges that actually tasted like oranges. Never ever in my life had I experienced the taste of oranges like this! So delicious were the oranges, I can’t even describe them. I have always wondered why orange juice tasted the way it did. No orange I ever ate tasted like those advertised freshly-squeezed orange juice cartons. And yet, this orange tasted exactly like that. The orange fell from the peel to my mouth with ease. Yum. As we walked further on I spotted the biggest strawberries everrrr! :0 We bought three little baskets of sweet and fresh strawberries. Waking up seems a pain, but it was worth it.

After the Farmer’s Market we went to some place called The Citadel with a lot of stores. I got some stuff. 😳 We didn’t stay too long because it was extremely hot. I like the stuff I got!

After several days of sold out shows Meme and I got tickets to watch Spider-man 3 at noon. We hadn’t yet eaten so we got random junk and rushed to our seats. The movie was about 2.5 hours, and I loved it. I’ll admit so much was going on it was a bit hard to keep track. It felt like some scenes might have been cut to save time, perhaps. In any case it was still amazing. Go watch it~!

My weekend is finally at an end and I’m content with all that I did. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to finish coding that layout. Argh! Soon, soon. Eventually…

I’m still annoyed by Windows Vista. Randomly when I restart my keyboard and mouse just won’t work. I’ve updated all the drivers so that isn’t it. It happens every once in a while. I’ve been restarting constantly because I’m installing all the new drivers and updates and blah blah blah, so I hate it when it happens. I have to use a USB mouse to get to the Pearl button to Restart. Sometimes it takes two or three restarts. Gr. Oh wells. I’ll deal with it later-ish.

Showertime! And goodnight♥~.