DayMay 18, 2007

You Ain’t ‘Cus You Not

That’s the lamest reason for anything, and yet the song is so catchy and stupid and blah blah. I like singing along to MIMS – This Is Why I’m Hot. But, I hate hip hop. With a few rare exceptions. Some songs are just so catchy. *ahem* Anyway.

This is the fifth time I’ve tried starting an entry. Nothing comes to mind. Hm, I didn’t go to school today considering there would be a max of like 2-3 people in each class, and as it is teachers have resorted to bringing in games like Scrabble or the N64. AP Exams are over. I didn’t really study [at all]. After three years of AP Exams if you don’t know the material, well then that’s it. Oh, right… I digressed. Anyway, people are getting ready for prom today. So no one would be at school. I’m staying home to chill. :] lool.

I was going to hang out with Jackie, Nelly, Sammy, and stuff, but ehh… I’m just not into anything social. So, yeah.

Uh… David came to school drunk on Wednesday. That was eventful. But then not really. *shrugs* Oh… Elizabeth was crying Thursday morning because her boyfriend missed his flight and can’t go to prom with her. Nothing has been happening on my end, which I’m grateful for, but makes for no blog entries. I haven’t been in the writing mood, really.

I ought to make fanciful stories of how I flew all over the world on a magic carpet, singing the whole time. No, wait… that’s Aladdin… 🙄

Don’t be so quick to walk away.
Dance with me.

Dancing is addicting. (But only in private, or in front of family) I like making people laugh. When I’m an “adult” I want to be as funny as my Uncle George. 😛

Edit: A little googling never hurt. This How-To is hilarious: How to Write a Deep and Thoughtful Blog Post People Will Want to Read