Hung Up

I have a tiiiiiny little crush on someone with the same initials as me. xD I just realized that today as I was telling David about a situation in which this person said something shocking. Hahah. Ohh… and I keep having dreams with the person I was a TA with first semester. He’s just like … IN all of them. Wtfff man? I’m desperately trying to avoid him. Funny, his class is across from mine twice a day. Eekk…. and his smile is just the best. AH!

I’ve been writing in one of my many real life journals lately. However, I’m still not saying much. Aish! I’m working on a fix for this.

Ryan’s birthday was yesterday. :] I wished him a happy birthday like three times. The first time it was at 12:03am and then like at… 1pm. Then when I got home. hahaha. That Ryan boy is all grown up. lol.

I donated blood for the first time ever on Wednesday, too. ^_^ I felt completely fine afterward. People kept complaining they felt weak, but I was fine. It was mostly the people that had donated before that felt weak. =\ Ahh and then Jackie donated even though she doesn’t weigh enough. The limit is like 110 lbs I think, but Jackie weighs a lot less than that. She was so tired. :\

I wore pink all week. A pink jacket here, a pink blouse there, and etc. A little color brings out the socialite in me. Fo’ sho. I’ve been saying that a lot. It’s funny. :]

Random thoughts, ey?

And the habit of decomposing right before your very (lalalala) eyes.

BTW, the new Linkin Park album is love. The song Given Up makes me dance like no other song. ^_^

Is it weird that I’m not going to my own grad nite? I’m going with my first high-school… it shall be weird seeing everyone again. I’m sensing there’ll be drama, and it will be exciting. Hah.

Busy day tomorrow! But it’s way too early to sleep. No, no, it’s not. I’m going to sleep~ :] I ramble a lot… good thing. My silence was irritating. I’m still working on it. Fo’ sho. 😀

2 thoughts on “Hung Up

  1. I quit my job so now I have time online.
    C: Ah, a crush. Sometimes, it just comes out of no where. Then there comes a big confusion. I sometimes wished I still had a crush. At the moment, I’m in a weird relationship.

    I want to donate blood, but sadly I am under 110 lbs. I feel good when I do some good to the community and for others.

    Have fun with your old friends. It may be awkward, because it’s been such a long, long time. I’m sure it will run smoothly if everything stays positive.

    Take care.

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