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Spaghetti for dinner equals love. I had to hug Midori when Meme said so. Here’s how it played out:

Me: What’s for dinner?
Brian: Yeah, what’s for dinner?
Maggie: Nothing. We’re not having dinner.
Me: Blasphemy! I love that word… is it even right?
Brian: Yeah.
Maggie: What does that mean? What’s the word for it in Spanish?
Me: Blasfemosa? hahaha.
-Everyone laughs-
Brian: -explains definition-
-I turn back to monitor-
Me: Spaghetti? I heard the word spaghetti!
Maggie: Yeah, but Meme is making it.
Meme: Uh… let me check if I have spaghetti.
Me: Awww…
Meme: Okay, I have ramen… penne, and linguini. Which would you prefer?
All: None…
Meme: Okay, I’m going to the market.

:] Yeyy!! I love spaghetti. Fo’ sho!

I worked on a little digital make-over because I got bored. Thanks to Paula for the idea.

I’m having Vista blues. My Photoshop CS2 does not work. It’s frustrating! I’m forced to use Photoshop CS, which lacks a few tools that I need.

-HOURS later-

Well… I went to play Scrabble. Emooo… :\ I’ve never won a game of Scrabble and arghhh! This time I had 116 points and Brian had 118 points. I was SO close to winning. I nevereverever win. What gives?

Ohh, and on Saturday I went to see My American Heart and The Audition at The Roxy. I FREAKING X LOVE My American Heart♥♥♥

Monday EDIT: I went to Wilderness Park today! Jean, Elizabeth, David, and I had a picnic. We talked for some 4 hours. It was super duper fun. :]

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