DayJune 6, 2007

New Hair

Oh, again? Haha. And my hair is still undeniably soft. It’s amazing. I freaking x love my hair. No doubttt. I can’t find the charger to my digi-cam. How emo! I think it’s still at mom’s house. I have to go pick that up. Eeek. No matter, there are still pictures.

Pictures on webcam:


My really funny/cute smile. XD –> that smile.




Ok. That’s all. ^-^;

Anyyyway, as a side note: I’m now a vegetarian, I’m officially declaring I’m bi (I like pretty girls ;] haha), and I’m into politics. REvolution. Seriousss. (: I’ve been getting mad a lot lately. Well… this week. Ah… that bitch got her hair cut short today ‘cus I got it short and scene yesterday. UGHH. It’s MY time to shine. What the FUCK? It pisses me off. I was talking about my hair to Hang! She just butted in and made herself part of it. Hang and I decided to get scene hair. I hate Serna. I hate her with a passion.

I’m so excited for UCSB. I start the Freshman Summer Start program on August 2nd. Eee! So excitinggg. Too bad Serna is going there, and going to the summer program. I’m so fed up of being nice to her. I shall be bitchy tomorrow. Ughh. Anywayy, UCSB!! :] I’m happppyhappy.

And, I started seeing a psychologist. Wheee. :] Haha. Oh mann oh mannn. So much stuff. I should blog more often. However, I’m now an emo scene kid. Looove it. Glam pics this weekend? Photoshoot with Jackie. Lol.

Happy birthday :0 haha.

No lyrics. Too bouncy.