Drop And Give Me 31.

Whee! I’ve been awake for 31 hours and loving every minute of it.

It’s been an extremely long two days. In a good way. Very good way.

My adventure began yesterday morning at 7am as the alarm woke me from a very relaxing sleep. I groggily rose from the bed and completed my morning routine. Next stop was the kitchen. Meme and I (okay, only Meme) cooked spaghetti for an AP English party later on in the day. I snuck away and took a shower and began trying on like 15 outfits to strive for the Esther Greenwood (Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar) look of the 50s. Ten minutes to 9:30am we stormed over to Kaiser for my appointment. Ooh ooh! I had oodles of fun talking to Carol. :] Good stuff. And, apparently I use the word oodles a lot now. It just sort of came to me to say it. XD I love making up words.

Okk. So I had my appointment and lalala. That ended at 10:40am. My school is two blocks away so Meme dropped me off and I made my way to 4th period AP Eng. Because of my appointment I was a tad late to 4th, but I had already told Mrs. Bean so it was okk. With heels on (I love the sound!) and pretty 50s inspired clothing I walked in to a classroom full of literary characters. Gordon was wearing a bathrobe, Chita had a pretty black dress with a big, bright, red “A” pinned to it, Rose was wearing something very broadway, Mollie was wearing farmer’s clothes, and so on. I loved it. There was more food than could be eaten. Everyone brought a main dish, with two exceptions (cupcakes and brownies), so I got full really quickly, but still I didn’t eat much. I was too interested in our game of Pictionary.

Fourth period never ended so soon. I took the remainder of my spaghetti and went back to Elle’s house. Meme and I slept over at Elle’s house in Downey all week to dog-sit Perlita while Elle was away on business in Washington state. So I got to her house, ready to change out of the 50s attire, when I remembered I hadn’t brought the keys. *hits head* It was such a hot day, too. I was like, “Fuckkk. What do I do?!” And of course, my cell phone had been dead for about 2 days because I left my charger at Meme’s. I was stuckkk! Of the two side gates to her house, one was open, so I went to the back and placed my bags down. I inspected the house to check if at least one of the two back doors were open, but nooo… they weren’t. I sat down on one of her patio chairs with dejection. I couldn’t give up. All my clothes was at Elle’s so even if I went back to Meme’s I’d be stuck in my 50s attire, which after a while, looks very out of place (but I got tons of compliments on my hair and outfit!!). Okk! So I resumed my scan of the house. Soo many windows and thank gotzzz the kitchen window was slightly open. Omg, it took me like 20 minutes to remove the screen and then IIII climbed a window. Haha. Omg, that was exciting. :]

I’m really very absentminded. I alwaysss forget my keys. To everything. It kinda sucks because I’ll never remember until the house is right in front of me and the thought occurs to me, “You don’t have a key… you can’t get in like that.” Haha. Geeez.

Soo! I dressed in much more normal attire. Then I went to Meme’s house and waited for her to come at 6pm. She came, and she took me to Pei’s house. We talked. Myspaced. Etc. Haha.

At like 7, Daniel drives up and picks us up. Lisa was already in the car, and we decide to go to CVS to buy ice cream and soda to take to Jacky’s house. Jacky’s mother cooked for us, and since they’re Flip, the food was all new to me. It was delicious, though! Lina brought thin dry chowmein. I had never eaten that either, but sooo delicious. We were done eating by like 8:30, and we watched Family Guy after. Haha. We drove to DMHS, but not that many people were there yet. Anyway, mingled, cam whored it, talked, lalala.

Grad niiite ’07. :] haha, except, it was grad nite for my first HS, but Pei invited me. I’m so glad she did. Anyway, we got to Disneyland at like 11:30pm. It didn’t open until midnight. We got on Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and … that’s it. :] Haha. We were there for six hours, and only got on 4 rides, but it was amaaaaazing. I lovedlovedloved it. Aww, I miss hanging out with Pei & Lisa. Daniel, Jacky, Verna, and Lina are all fun, too. :] Heh.

We left on our superawesomecool buses at 6:30am and got back to DMHS at 7:30. From there I went to Alhambra to change clothes (no shower! :0 haha no time) and then I rushed to school. I got to school at 10am, just in time for 3rd period. I was so close to falling asleep. Ackk. And then 4th period! And it was funn. :] After 4th is lunch, but I was like so whatever (Avril Lavigne lyrics), so I just left without going to 5th. I’m done with all my art projects in art, so I didn’t see the point in staying. xD;;

Now I’m here at Elle’s house in Downey chillin’. OMG, I love saying the word, “Chill.” For example!!

– Meme: Come onnn. Hurry up.
– Me: Chill.

– Meme: Want to watch TV with me?
– Me: Yeah, let’s chill. OR Nah, I’m chill.

Ahahaha. I love words. Forrr serious.

In 4th period today we got back a tooon of essays. I got As on all of them… :0 what the heckkk? Haha. I believe it’s because they were more creative writing pieces than anything else. *does a dance*

I feel this entry was very long. And incoherent.

I’m tiiiired. *drinks more Coke* And I’m watching Ocean’s 13 tonight. I should go take a nap. Ohh, that sounds so tempting!

Tomorrow, new entry, with an essay of mine. I love my pretty pretty writing. This entry was so chill. XD;;

I’ll throw my thoughts into the sea where no one will ever find…
I can’t seem to shake this awful feeling


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