MonthJuly 2007

3, 2, 1…

If I were to number my posts in a countdown fashion to some sort of event I’d be living constantly on edge. Days have gone by much too quickly. I’m not really in a talking mood, but I feel the need to blog just because the day I leave is nearing. Or something random like that. Lalalala. Once I say that in a post, you know I have nothing to say… or at least don’t feel like it.

Saturday, the family went to Paradise Cove, in Malibu, which was like an hour and a half drive north. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time. The family was celebrating the sale of my auntie Elle’s condo in Long Beach. As usual with these special dinners after a big family event, we all got money. Lots and lots of money. Paradise Cove has a private beach and we all sat around while some of the adults and all the kids went into the water. I had lots of fun. (I’m just not a very enthused writer at the moment)

All in all, I’ve spent about $600+ on college shopping, not including my bike (which my uncle bought for me). If I thought that was a lot, David has spent like $700. Haha, and he’s a guy. Hm, I was excited just a few minutes ago about going to UCSB in a few days, but I guess my happiness lasted a bit too long (for over a week), so it’s just a momentary relapse.  Maybe I’ll be happy again in a few hours. Ahaha… I’m already starting to feel a little better. (:

I’m about 40% packed, I’d say. I still have a few last things to shop for today, and then I’m done! Ooh, and my dorm RA for the Freshman Summer Start found me on Facebook! She decorated my door with my name on it and everything… isn’t that the coolest thing ever? It’s rather sweet of her to do! She made a Facebook group for the 3200s, our hall. It sucks because David’s RA hasn’t even contacted him. Haha, guys.. I guess. xD!

All the events planned for us sound so exciting! I’m most looking forward to the talks with professors, while David is excited for karaoke night… oh dear. I’m not going to that!

Hm, I’m inviting Paula to The Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday, after she finishes with her classes for the day. (: Thankfully, she told me what she wants so I don’t have to go crazy looking for something awesome.

And… that’s it. I need to listen to music, because I haven’t been quoting any lyrics lately, which is bothering me. Peace out.

8 Days Later

I have eight days before I have to go to UCSB. I’m getting more and more nervous as the date nears. Not only does it mean I have to start college-level classes (I pray to some god that they’re like AP classes, which I managed just fine), but also that I have to leave my family for 6 weeks (then I come back for 1 week and then go backkk). Thinking about it gives me butterflies in a good/bad sort of way. Can someone with college experience describe to me how classes are? For some reason I never thought to ask anyone this question. Hm, what are they comparable to? Of course, some classes will be easier than others, but what’s the work load (I know, also depends on how many classes and yaddayadda)… but take a shot and give me an idea?

August 3rd is David’s birthday, but we’ll be busy with UCSB things. If I haven’t updated my blog about it, we’re friends again. He asked to talk about it, and me – well, I can’t hold any grudges. Why live life holding grudges? Just flow like a river. Okay, since he’s also going to UCSB, it won’t be a problem because on Sunday (when all the adults are gone! *scared*) we can go explore Santa Barbara. Oh my, hope we don’t get lost! I’ll have to start looking into what we can do for his birthday as none of our other friends will be there. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something. (:

As for my dearest Paula, her birthday is on the 6th (that Monday) and I will no longer be there! So… I have to celebrate with her ahead of time, definitely. Paula, dear, if you read this on my xanga, call me up! I love answering my cell now that it has a charm on it. Wow, that’s so girly. (;

I’m excited to be buying presents for these two! I just.. have to figure out what’s missing in their life. Haha. Well, I sort of have some ideas, but it’s not safe to publicize it here! A birthday is supposed to be a person’s most special day of the year so I tend to make a big deal out of them for others. I will never forget what my friends did for me in ninth grade for my birthday. Since then, my birthday has been pushed aside and nearly forgotten. I’m not saying my friends at my second high-school didn’t care, but they just don’t take birthdays quite as seriously. It’s okay… I’ll try my best to make these days special for others! ^_^ Meh, it just reminds me of my birthday this year, which was a very sad event for me. Hopefully it’ll be better in the future. This optimism is very much influenced by watching too many Asian dramas, and while it’s nauseating, perhaps it’s a good (however temporary) change.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Fahrenheit’s first album and I honestly really love it. There’s a definite resurrection to my Asian obsession phase. Xie xie Paula! Never before did I ever have an interest in learning Mandarin, until recently. However, for some reason I think I would have a hard time with both Japanese and Mandarin together. Hm.. or it might help with my Japanese kanji. Not too sure.

YoLei and I have agreed to resume our snail mail exchange! I love using cute stationary and writing letters. Of course, typically only my first letter is in cute stationary and after that, I just start writing on regular paper with big long letters. Haha. If anyone else is interested just say so and I’ll email you back! Er.. preferably people that comment me on a semi-regular basis! (;

My Auntie Elle purchased an iPhone and even though she claims not to be tech-savvy (she always buys the latest things) (she just pretends) she says that the iPhone is very easy to use, even for her! I’m happy she likes it because the previous cell she had was a smartphone with Windows on it, but it wasn’t very easy-to-use and a lot of the features really sucked. Not even I wanted that cell. Anyway, lately I’ve been looking at all the gorgeous cells available in Asia and Europe. Oh, it’s not fair! We’re behind by like two years in terms of mobile technology all because the frequency here in USA is GSM 1900, whereas in Asia and Europe it’s GSM 900 or GSM 1800. There’s another service type that America uses that isn’t GSM, but I forgot what it’s called, but it’s only used by Sprint and one other service provider. Because the market here isn’t standardized companies take their cells to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Africa has better phones than we do, and that’s a fact. I’ve never wanted to live in Asia much more than I do now.

There’s a cell in Asia by Sony Ericsson for NTT Docomo that even emits pleasant smells with the use of replaceable fragrance sheets. It’s the SO703i. Oh, it’s such a pretty cellphone!! I want to move to Asia just for their cute things. All the cell phones in the US pale in comparison and are all very ugly/bulky. America is so bulky and we suck.

I watched Hairspray today! I lovelovelove it. The movie made me want to dance (but I would never, as I was in public). It’s a happy feelgood movie that takes place in the 1960s at the onset of integration.  Really, go watch it. Even my little brother and younger cousin enjoyed it even though it’s a musical. Now, I normally don’t like funny movies, but this one wasn’t the dumb-funny type of movie. (:

I’m going to Paradise Cove on Saturday, in Malibu, to celebrate my aunt finally selling her condo in Long Beach. Personally, I loved the condo, but it was worth a looot more than when she bought it because of all the things built near the beach. She not lives in Downey, which I think is boring, but there are a lot of big houses there and yaddayadda. Anyway, the restaurant has a private beach and after lunch we’re going there to … splash under the very hot sun. I don’t much like going to the beach for some reason. I get really shy around people; I prefer to be alone. So, private beach or not, I’m not swimming.

Oh yes, I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but I finished the Harry Potter book on Sunday at 5:08am. Hm… by far, not one of my favorite books at all. The epilogue sucked; it was so fanfic-like and cheesy, and pointless. I definitely had some favorite parts, but the moment I start talking about the book I ramble and I don’t want to give away any spoilers! I’m somewhat disappointed in the epilogue and I wish I had not read it, but it’s better to know the end, I guess. I loved the other books and I can’t wait for the movies and how directors will approach some of the parts in the last book.

Is this turning into a long entry? I’ll stop here.

Take Two

Ah! In my haste, I forgot to mention that at the concert on Wednesday night, after Rooney performed and crew members were setting up the instruments for Fergie, there was a huge screen people could send txts and everyone could see. There were about four marriage proposals! Only one girl replied by text and it said, “Yes, I will, in Vegas” (; How funny! In any case, everyone was applauding and cheering.

I also did some online shopping this week. I forgot to mention that as well. I rather not edit the post (again) and instead just make a new entry. Here’s what I bought:

Cute cell-phone charm from StrapYa. It comes with a lot of cute little charms as opposed to just one charm (and then me building a collection). $18.20



$9.99 *click to view larger* Oooh I just love this one!! These posters are from YesAsia and they’ll be used to decorate my dorm while in college. I’ll be a very happy girl in my dorm room. ^_^ Hm, and I also receive some free book about Sui Shen Ting with my order. It’s 168 pages… but I don’t even know who this guy is. Free stuff = OK

$24.97 SanDisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) 1 GB for my “new” cellphone. [I stopped using my old super cool one because it was too bulky]

$6.99 Random book I got to qualify for free shipping. It cost as much as shipping would, so why not get an extra item? (; Or that’s how I think, anyway! I hope the books is good… lol! It was under my Amazon Recommends… so whatevahs. Both these items from Amazon.

Online shopping is so much more fun than real shopping! Ahaha. Wow. ^_^; Hm, I don’t think I’ve ever posted two entries one right after the other unless you count that one time… *shrugs*

(When in this mood I always use pictures to do the talking)

I’ve thought too much, you won’t find anything


I just came back from the Fergie concert. ^_^ The Black Eyes Peas were there, too, and Taboo was in the audience for a while. He passed right by me and I got to touch himmm. (; Lol!

Pictures (mostly all blurry):




Alright, so I COULD photoshop these to make them less blurry, and brighter, but I just don’t feel like it. I suppose eventually I’ll fix them for my own collection of pictures, but not now.

Edit: Here’s other stuff that happened this week!

On Tuesday, I went by my mother’s house to go get my mail, and surprisingly it was a pleasant visit. I ate some of the food she cooked and we started watching the special on how archaeologists found the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut. The show lasted some two hours (until 11) so I stayed there for that long and my mother and I didn’t even argue! Talk about miraculous. I was glad, though. ^_^

Wednesday night was the concert. Some band named Rooney played first. I didn’t like them, but my aunt did. Their music was way too slow for me. Slow music and I don’t agree. Anyway, came home and lalala fell asleep or whatevers.

I was home alone all Thursday because after work Meme went to dinner and then the movies. She got home at 11, and by then she just went to sleep. >>;

I did, however, get to watch 4 eps of Tokyo Juliet. Omg, have I not mentioned my love for Wu Chun on my blog?! Tokyo Juliet is Chun’s first drama, and Hana Kimi (I already watched) is his second. Oh my fuhreaking god, he’s a perfect man. Pictures are in order:



I wish to marry this man… *sighs* Dare to dream, ey?

And… thanks to all the comments in the entry below! They were greatly appreciated and I’ll be replying to them all by email. (: Enough blahblah-ing for one day.