DayJuly 10, 2007


I’m only updating because I haven’t in what feels like an eternity. And it makes me feel terrible. GAH. I hate happiness. No thoughts come to mind when I’m happy/content. Depression has grown on me, and I use it productively. What kind of warped world is this?

Anyway, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is coming out on Wednesday. I’m going, for sure. Maybe not on Wednesday, but this week. Which reminds me – I should read it tomorrow. It’s the lengthiest of the Harry Potter books and undoubtedly I will not finish even if I begin right now. The HP books only command my 100% attention when they’re brand new. Otherwise I find myself distracted by forums, TV shows, or lalala.

Summer isn’t treating me so well. I can’t really admit to boredom because I haven’t been all that bored (will elaborate), but I’m also not doing anything! Not that I would want to if invited…

A few days ago I joined Gaia Online. Alright, so it’s almost silly of me (an almost-adult) to join a forum like that, but I need somewhere to voice my written work. I consider it practice. I have joined three RPGs there and I’m having sufficient fun, but since people don’t post as often as I’d like (or not much is going on so far…) I decided to join something else. Alright, I’ll admit that I found this site by accident (some Wiki article), but I found Alleria nonetheless. It’s a play-by-post RPG that has been around since 1989, or maybe 1987 (1 person said that). It’s also not keeping me too busy. :< I just have way too much time on my hands, unfortunately. Damnit, give me something to do. I even run my own forum now: Literature Club. Okay, bad name I know, but who cares? Modding the forum managed to fill up all of 3 nearly-sleepless days, but I’m pretty much done with that by now.

College shopping has been nearly-done for quite some time now. I still just have to buy all those little essentials like shampoo, conditioner, and a hell of a lot of other tiny things that I can’t even remember anymore. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the list. In the beginning of summer I was reading them compulsively, really. Stressed, I guess. That’s also pretty much over so that’s one less thing to do. :<

Most definitely I should be out and about learning to ride a bike because I don’t know how. I have my brand new bike tied by the garage where Meme parks every day. So when I’m in the car the bike haunts me and teases me and even DARES me to ride it, but I can’t. A flaw: I give up before even trying if I feel I won’t easily succeed. Success is a necessity, an eventual outcome and I hate not knowing the outcome 100%.

Oh look at me! I’ve been chatting and forgot to keep blogging. I’ve lost my train of thought! I hate when that happens. I started this two hours ago… Alright, well I’ll blog again before next week. There’s reason to. (Harry Potter)