Believe the news.

Call off the search, no one will know that I’m down here.

Quick summary:
I began my Wednesday by going to Paula’s house near Hollywood. It’s so pretty! I absolutely love her house. ♥ (; From there we went to Hollywood where I took a tourist-y picture of Paula in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater where Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and uh… the actor that plays Ron Weasley, left their hand and foot prints on the cement. I bought these super kawaii high heels. We made a small stop at Hollywood & Highland and walked around a bit, but I didn’t see anything I wanted to eat. Paula found some random place to eat and … we er… ate. Dah. We walked some more, and lalalala. A bit later on at night we went to The Grove (loooove this place) and we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I actually started crying. This emotionless girl *points at self* started crying! Really, it was too much for me. I could feel all of Harry’s pain. *sigh* Oh, well anyway, we went back to Paula’s. I slept over. At 1:20am she randomly decided to start taking pictures of me. Lol! This continued on for an entire hour, amazingly. In all there were 78 pictures of me after that hour… and I only truly liked about 10. Hah. So picky! Well, we went to bed at 5am and I woke up at 10am the next morning. ^_^ From there, Paula introduced me to the TW drama, Hana Kimi. 0: I want to marry the actor Wu Chun. He’s just too cute!! Ooh, and Paula also introduced me to Wang Lee Hom, and re-sparked my interest in S.H.E!! (: I luff you Paula, dear.

I woke up ridiculously early today (Friday). I showered and got ready and lalala. Mary, Georgito, Midori-chan, Xiaotong (aka my lil brother Chris), and I went to Color Me Mine! I painted a mermaid~ I’m going to give it to Meme because she loves mermaids, I broke one of her big candle holders (that melts wax at top, too) when I was pissed off, and because she’s been super nice to me, anddd because I’ll be leaving in a few weeks. 0: Anyway, after Color Me Mine, we were hungry so we went to Chipotle in Downey by my school. All of us had the intention of going to Coldstone, but we were just too full! So raincheck. We’re going to go in 2 weeks. ^_^; After, my brother had a dentist appointment (he has braces now). I made an appointment for myself, too, for today (Saturday) at 10am for a cleaning. I haven’t been since August ’06. Wtfss! I used to go every month for my braces, but since they’ve been gone since then I haven’t given it thought. Meep! Anyway, I love the dentist. haha.

I came back home and Meme and I started watching Hana Kimi!! ^_^; I was on ep. 3 and we got to episode 6! Whee~~! She’s loving it, too!! Hehe, I’m glad I can share this show with her. It’s just so cute. It ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST makes me wish I could believe in love, but I’m too “back the fuks up” to actually think about it. ええて… 心で、私はまだ愛を信じたいと思います。(Eeto… kokoro de, watashi hamada ai wo shinji taito omoimasu.) *shakes head* >.<; Silly me. Btw, I hope that was proper Japanese – it’s been a while. :x!

「深く心で私は私が言うことを熱望している事〔物〕を隠しています。」 Still holds true.

If I get all cutesy and asian-y again, blame Paula & Hana Kimi. Hoho! Too funny, indeed.

Stay on the ground

Edit: I can’t wait for the HP midnight thing, so I can pick my book. And I’m going to see Fergie in concert… my aunt has tix so I’m going. *shrugs* Someone else would appreciate it more, for sure.

4 thoughts on “Believe the news.

  1. You’re a Harry Potter fan? I guess I should day that I’m surprised. Don’t really know why though. But it’s good to know. I’ve never really come across an HP fan, so this is good.

    Maybe one day you can explain to me why people always get too crazy for the their own good whenever a new HP book or movie come out.

  2. Wow sounds like you had fun and keep busy! I had braces too, I need to go to the dentist I have a million cavities and my wisdom teeth need to come out, but no insurance.

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