I just came back from the Fergie concert. ^_^ The Black Eyes Peas were there, too, and Taboo was in the audience for a while. He passed right by me and I got to touch himmm. (; Lol!

Pictures (mostly all blurry):




Alright, so I COULD photoshop these to make them less blurry, and brighter, but I just don’t feel like it. I suppose eventually I’ll fix them for my own collection of pictures, but not now.

Edit: Here’s other stuff that happened this week!

On Tuesday, I went by my mother’s house to go get my mail, and surprisingly it was a pleasant visit. I ate some of the food she cooked and we started watching the special on how archaeologists found the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut. The show lasted some two hours (until 11) so I stayed there for that long and my mother and I didn’t even argue! Talk about miraculous. I was glad, though. ^_^

Wednesday night was the concert. Some band named Rooney played first. I didn’t like them, but my aunt did. Their music was way too slow for me. Slow music and I don’t agree. Anyway, came home and lalala fell asleep or whatevers.

I was home alone all Thursday because after work Meme went to dinner and then the movies. She got home at 11, and by then she just went to sleep. >>;

I did, however, get to watch 4 eps of Tokyo Juliet. Omg, have I not mentioned my love for Wu Chun on my blog?! Tokyo Juliet is Chun’s first drama, and Hana Kimi (I already watched) is his second. Oh my fuhreaking god, he’s a perfect man. Pictures are in order:



I wish to marry this man… *sighs* Dare to dream, ey?

And… thanks to all the comments in the entry below! They were greatly appreciated and I’ll be replying to them all by email. (: Enough blahblah-ing for one day.

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