3, 2, 1…

If I were to number my posts in a countdown fashion to some sort of event I’d be living constantly on edge. Days have gone by much too quickly. I’m not really in a talking mood, but I feel the need to blog just because the day I leave is nearing. Or something random like that. Lalalala. Once I say that in a post, you know I have nothing to say… or at least don’t feel like it.

Saturday, the family went to Paradise Cove, in Malibu, which was like an hour and a half drive north. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time. The family was celebrating the sale of my auntie Elle’s condo in Long Beach. As usual with these special dinners after a big family event, we all got money. Lots and lots of money. Paradise Cove has a private beach and we all sat around while some of the adults and all the kids went into the water. I had lots of fun. (I’m just not a very enthused writer at the moment)

All in all, I’ve spent about $600+ on college shopping, not including my bike (which my uncle bought for me). If I thought that was a lot, David has spent like $700. Haha, and he’s a guy. Hm, I was excited just a few minutes ago about going to UCSB in a few days, but I guess my happiness lasted a bit too long (for over a week), so it’s just a momentary relapse.  Maybe I’ll be happy again in a few hours. Ahaha… I’m already starting to feel a little better. (:

I’m about 40% packed, I’d say. I still have a few last things to shop for today, and then I’m done! Ooh, and my dorm RA for the Freshman Summer Start found me on Facebook! She decorated my door with my name on it and everything… isn’t that the coolest thing ever? It’s rather sweet of her to do! She made a Facebook group for the 3200s, our hall. It sucks because David’s RA hasn’t even contacted him. Haha, guys.. I guess. xD!

All the events planned for us sound so exciting! I’m most looking forward to the talks with professors, while David is excited for karaoke night… oh dear. I’m not going to that!

Hm, I’m inviting Paula to The Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday, after she finishes with her classes for the day. (: Thankfully, she told me what she wants so I don’t have to go crazy looking for something awesome.

And… that’s it. I need to listen to music, because I haven’t been quoting any lyrics lately, which is bothering me. Peace out.

5 thoughts on “3, 2, 1…

  1. Wow, shopping sure takes a LOT of money doesn’t it? It feels great to have new stuff and supplies. But the receipt is a bit depressing 🙁

    Oooh, going to UCSB! How exciting! I still have a year away before college…but UCSB is one school I’d like to go to (don’t know if I can get ACCEPTED, but yeah, haha). And your roommate sounds extremely sweet! Haha, facebook is so awesome. It’s so easy to find people.

  2. Wow, this entry takes me back to two years ago when I had to do the same, except I didn’t really buy all that much until I got to NY. Looks like you’ve got everything covered. So now all that’s left is your final visits to places you’ll miss and last goodbyes to all the people you won’t be seeing this fall. I’m sure you’ll be missed.

    Maybe I’ve asked this before, but I forgot. When are you leaving again?

  3. i am a fan of packing… so no matter where im going, i find the packing to be the part i look most forward to. lol.

    its always easier to have a person tel you what they want, isnt it?


  4. even though i spent more money than you, somehow i feel that you have more stuff. or maybe since i am always in your room and forget what i have. hahaha :mrgreen:


  5. That seems like a lot of money to spend on college stuff but then again I wouldn’t know but I will in less than a year which is a scary thought. Hope it all goes well for you ^^

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