Okay, here’s a super quick entry:

First of all, if you have Internet Explorer, apparently you can’t leave a comment… or something like that. Sorry! I will fix this sometime this week. I’m a tad busy with the whole “just attending college” ordeal. Alright, well I just checked, and it works again so whatever. Everyone should use Firefox anyway. The link to download Firefox can be found at the bottom of the blog, in the footer.

I’ve been here at UCSB since Thursday and I’m pretty much liking it a lotsss. (: There have been too many FSSP mandatory meetings, though. I’m glad they’re practically over except for a mandatory Hall Council meeting today at 8pm. Oh, I’m running for Administrative Vice President of the Hall Council. :] Two or three other people are running against me, so who knows. XD;

Um… I have a lot of reading to do today, including my reading for the Lit Club, which I feel like I’m crunched for time now due to Heather being done. o_x;; Goshies! Well that’s okay… I’m going to read now.


8 thoughts on “Quickness!!

  1. While I understand and appreciate your willingness to promote the browser you prefer, and I myself use Firefox, telling people that everyone should use it and telling them where to get a link to download it seems a bit rude. Frankly, if you use IE, it could be for any number of reasons, including that your computer won’t run Firefox, as is the case with a friend of mine.

  2. I think it is very important to make a website *any browser* friendly. I know that it is a bit tedious, but, it is worth it because your visitors will be able to access your site properly.

    Just my 2 cents 😉

  3. Its good that you are liking college a lot so far. ^^

    I use IE, but I have FF on my computer so I can check that my site works in both. I prefer IE though so thats the one I use.

  4. Man, I guess people are gonna get busy these days…
    I’ve been using FF ever since they created it… 😀

    I hope you’ll get everything done..

    oh and that election you’re in…good luck!

  5. I have always used IE, just because it’s all I ever knew…but one day, my fiance suggested to try FireFox, and I am so glad I did. Everything loads faster and looks better with FF.

    Good luck on running for VP!

  6. ….wtf? First comment needs to seriously relax. Its called a personal blog for a reason. The writter is allowed to be rude. Vulgar and express their opinions. Its naive to think that a blogger would be complety objective. ..

    Anyway, I love college too! And I prefer FF.

  7. Hello!
    I really really like your website&it’s design. =)
    Bookworms for the win!
    I just finished reading the Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck. True classic 🙂
    Yes, firefox rules. hehe

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