MonthSeptember 2007

Swing, Swing

It’s rather cold inside the house so I decided to sit on the couch-swing in the backyard, listening to SKSK. The neighbors must be going WTF is this fuckin’ devil music. xD The house to the left of ours is super religious and I think they disapprove of us. Lmao. Oh welllls.

After my fun day on Monday, Tuesday began a little bit slower. I awoke early and just got ready and then pretty much chilled in front of the TV for a while, even though it makes my brain feel like mush when I do watch TV for a long period of time (more than 1 hour). My day was spent lazying about the house and lalalala. Lols. By late afternoon my auntie Meme came over and we went to the salon so we could get our hair dyed. My hair is a dark red-ish color now. (: I was getting way too tired of the black. Hopefully in a month I can go back and dye it even redder (the way it used to be).

^ The above was written some time last week. No time to update. Well, I suppose I could make time, but aside from giving detailed accounts of everything I’ve been doing (summed up: been super social) there isn’t anything else I want to share.

I’ll watch it all come down come next week or sometime soon-ish. Never know!


I have only been home for a few minutes and already my mother has made me miserable with false accusations and cruel words. I am going to make my best attempt to stay out of the house all this week. I hate my mother. I awoke at 8am this morning to my alarm clock on my cell which plays hilary duff’s fly. Hah. The usual routine ensued in which I showered and got dressed, etc. I was ready in an hour and just chilled in front of the TV.

My longest-time friend (7 years) called me sometime before noon to say she was out of class; she attends csulb. From there we went to go eat at panda express, but I don’t really like Chinese fast food. Ehh it’s just food needed to survive. Afterward we to the new AT&T store across the street from panda. I bought my iphone – and it only took about 2 minutes. Hah, exciting. Tbh, I hate the iphone and love it all the same.

From there we went to Justine’s apartment in long beach. It is so cute!! It’s two stories, with the bedrooms upstairs. Grecia and Lillian, old friends from my first high-school, live with her. 🙂 We watched Bewitched, the movie, and then we watched some eps of the old show. When we were tired of that Justine and I went to the market so she could cook dinner for us. Before we ate we played DDR. Both of us are pretty damn good so we played on standard and heavy … Except I haven’t played in months so I got tired really fast. 🙁

After we ate we played some more and she dropped me off at home. I’m now watching some show on the history channel called Cities of the Underworld: New York. Very interesting!! After it’s over I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow, hopefully I can go get my hair dyed.

iLoveyou <3


Packing and moving all of my belongings to my new dorm hall took so long, in part because there were a million of us lugging around our belongings in those big carts up and down the elevator. It was tiring, especially considering I only got two hours of sleep. I’ll retell the story.

Friday afternoon we had a wonderful closing ceremony for FSSP in which the Hip Hop club and Folklorico danced for us… as well as a secret performance by the Tim Sakatani, Romy, and Zekee!! Wow, Romy can dance so well! I’m almost positive she choreographed that dance for them. It was amazing, honestly. During dinner of the ceremony Kristie took to drawing pictures of us all with a random symbol on the shirts of the drawing. Mine’s was a rose.

Later that night I did laundry with Alex and Sandy. Then, we all took pictures in the same order as the drawing, with printed out versions of our symbol.

By the time Sandy and David were done packing it was pretty late, but we agreed to have a slumber party in my dorm room as a sort of farewell to our time spent in FSSP. We went to get Freebirds and brought it back to my room while watching Phantom of the Opera. Uh, then we started dancing … and lalala. At 4AM we realized we needed to be awake at 6AM and resolved to go to bed. We even had six alarms ready to wake us up should we be too sleepy to actually get up. We didn’t go to bed right away as we kept dancing… in the dark… with each other. Dirty style. ;] lmao… I’m so glad David’s gay because that would have been rather awkward! No details. (: By 4:30am we knew it was time to sleep. Sandy and I slept together ;] lol and David slept on a make-shift bed of sorts on the floor (lolol).

Moving began at 7am… and I didn’t finish with everything until noon.

I fuhreaking x love my new room! It’s gorgeous, really really really big, and just … amazing. I wonder if it’s mean of me to have claimed the window side of the room already… as I am already moved in and my roommate gets there next Sunday. :x! Haha, oh wells.

Lots of minor things happened, some of which I twittered about. ^_^

I arrived at my Auntie Elle’s sometime around 4pm. She showered and got ready, then took me to my mom’s house (Mom was at work at the time) so I could do the same, so we could celebrate my Uncle George’s birthday. We went to this Mexican restaurant with a dance floor and really bomb ass music. I danced a lotttt. ♥ And, I hardly ate. I love the combination!

I got home perhaps 45 minutes ago and am taking care of the blogathon, though the entry is an hour too late, but eh. I’m being extremely lenient so long as I actually do blog. That’s the important part. I’m awake and pretty energetic considering I only slept those two hours. This week is going to be spectacular.

Dance with me.

City Life

Plans for this upcoming week:


  • 8am: Move from one dorm residence to another! ACK.
  • 10am-1pm: Drive back home~
  • Night-time: Celebrate Uncle’s birthday!


  • 11am: Brunch w/ David & Elizabeth


  • 4PM: Go with Auntie Meme to get our hair dyed at our fave salon.


  • Hang out w/ Sandy & David


  • Hang out w/ Justine at her apartment.


  • Hang out w/ Paula!! <3

CURRENTLY, I’m packing… ackkk. It’s so hard to know what to pack and where to start. I keep circling in my room just putting random things in boxes. Packing = teh sux.

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