I Count The Weeks, The Days, The Hours

Warning: Boring entry. Do not read. Recap entry.

How is it that so much time passes between each entry?! It’s definitely not from lack of things to say because this week I’ve been social (particularly this weekend) and done a gazillion things.

I’ve just re-read my entries and I now realize that I missed many crucial events. Tempting is the thought of using bullet points… but I shall not! Maybe. It’d be easier…

Last weekend, I went home to celebrate my Auntie Elle’s birthday. David and his older sister came, too! It was great and etc. And… for the first time in a million (like 5?) years, I danced. *cringes* The reason I did it was because David’s sister wouldn’t dance unless I did, so I got up and accompanied them both. Strangely, it feels as though I’ve written this before, but there have been no entries since the 23rd of August, a long time ago by my blogging standards.

Goal: Blogathon for the month of September. Starting today. I did it in February, so I can do it again. This means: at least one entry per day.

Friday, I went to State St. and watched Halloween with Sandy. We stopped by a ton of cute stationary stores, and made a trip to Borders. I got three new books~ :] Saturday, I went to the market and Michael’s. Then I watched Dead Silence and Zodiac. 8th floor played Guitar Hero. Sunday, Toby took me and Sandy to dinner. Toby paid for me♥ (likely because I paid for her one time). We freaking x love each other, I think. XD; After dinner Sandy came to my room and never left… because we didn’t sleep. Lmao. Well, she cheated. She took a 2 hour nap while I was chatting with my twinkie and showering, done separately, of course. As Monday began, and I had not slept, Sandy and I went to go eat breakfast. After breakfast I returned to my super awesome room (that people don’t ever like to leave *coughsandyanddavidcough*) and turned on the TV. There was a Law & Order: SVU Marathon (at 8am wtf!) but… er… I passed out until 4pm. 😀

This now means my blog is updated.

Recap entries are so boring, but a necessary evil for I will forget what it is I’ve done with my life. :< I’m thinking there will be another entry later today. There are many things on my mind. The only problem now is whether or not I will divulge, and if the entry will be private or not.

The best thing I can think to do right now is leave it alone.

I fucking loved the comments in my last entry. With all my heart, thanks.

One thought on “I Count The Weeks, The Days, The Hours

  1. Recap entries can be boring sometimes, but they’re always a nice accomplishment when completed. At least thats how I look at them.

    Dancing, especially with people you enjoy, is the greatest way to encourage affection.

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