For once, the title of this post comes not from any song lyrics, but a word that explains exactly what happened to my mood today. There was an inexplicable fluctuation for which I feel really bad. From confidence to self-doubt in 60 seconds. This isn’t who I am. And, there will always be some form of Bayside lyrics to help describe how I feel.

As I was using the StumbleUpon plugin it went to the Way Back Machine (which I definitely already knew about), and starting looking for my old blog when it was at Dakishime.Net. I found 4 entries from 2004 that I did not manage to save when I moved over from DakiNET to So, I just copy & pasted the old entries and re-added them to my blog. They’re really retarded entries, but they’re memories nonetheless.

Today, I got my Pacsun clothes. :] Yeah, I totally did some online shopping last week and all my packages are arriving. lol. ^_^; Anyway, that’s what happens when you’re hypomanic…  you like to spend money. *shrugs*

I’m going home tomorrow to spend time with my mother as it’s her birthday on Tuesday (9/11), but considering I’m in SB I can’t go over there on Tuesday. This weekend is so big for FSSP and I won’t even be here!! Kinda sad, but ehh… it’s my mother, yannoe? And it’s her birthday~ Birthdays are a big deal to me.

I can’t believe I wrote, “I truly believe I am a pirate. FSSP 2007” on my forehead today. Ahaha, it’s for Pirates vs. Ninjas and that was the safety! My Ethics professor asked me about it, and luckily another girl had it on her forehead, too, so it made it less awkward. xD; Ah, fun stuff.

Was this over before it ever began?
*le sigh*

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