Sleepy Already

I don’t know why I’m so sleepy already. Perhaps it was the train ride from Santa Barbara to LA because I slept from 3am to 9am today (that’s a whole six hours). And, I just yawned. Auntie Meme is in bed already, and it’s tempting to want to follow suit. In any case, I have to blog today as the day is almost over (in 2 hours!). This blogathon is harder than it was in February. I actually had things to say back in February!

Everyone on my floor was out and about last night partying. It was intense. David and I hadn’t eaten so at 12:30am we went to Freebirds and sure enough, his whole floor (definitely a party floor) and my whole floor was there. We also saw a drunk Toby… ahahah. Pretty funny stuff, really. I was in my gangster sweats and a black hoodie, pulled up… XD; I felt pretty damn gangstah, especially compared to all the girls in their pretty clothes and shoes they had worn to party. Okay, so I wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t partying! And, I feel like a Hispanic gangster when I wear sweats… lmfao.

David wanted to go back to my room to eat, but I said hells to the nah. He makes too much of a mess when he eats and my room was heeelllla messy this week (it even threw off the good vibes and feng shui and shit). So, we ate at the HSSB Patio. (: It was eerie, but I loved it, except for when David would repeatedly say, “The devil can see you.” I’m not a believer, but that was scary. Grr. I only ate half the quesadilla (geezus Freebirds serves GIANT portions), while David ate all of his. Intense much?

Erm… I’m not sure what else to say. I suppose I’ll mention I missed L.A. :] Haha, it was so scary… this black man asked me to help him with a favor. >>; He was like, “Can you say, ‘May I speak to Samantha?'” I was like, “WTF???” but it went to voicemail. Lmfao. That was fucking intense. Then some Hispanic lady that couldn’t speak English asked me how to get to Hill St. and 7th. TBH, I didn’t know so when the next bus came I asked for her and led her in the right direction (I hope). Finally, Meme, Mary, Brian, and Lil’ Midori came to pick me up. We went to dinner at Suehiro♥ [my fave little Japanese restaurant in J-town] on 1st st.

Now I’m at Meme’s place. I’mma sleep over here since Downtown LA is like … right there! It’s faster and more convenient than taking me to Mom’s house and then have her drive back home. Plus, Mom is busy preparing for dinner tomorrow… she hasn’t told anyone what she’s cooking. We’re celebrating her birthday (but she wanted to cook) tomorrow. Her actual birthday is on 9/11. Meep! Yeah, and I can’t be here on Tuesday. I’ve got class and all that jazz.

And… I have an Ethics essay due on… Thursday? I’ll have to double check on that, though, but I’m pretty sure he said the 13th. There are two topics, but I’m clearly going to choose this next one:

Give a clear and detailed summary of J.J. Thomson’s arguments for why abortion is morally
permissible in the case of rape and in some cases of unwanted pregnancy (approx 3 to 3 ½
pages). Your summary, at the very least, should include discussion of the ‘violinist case’ as well
as the ‘people seed case’.
After you have explained her arguments, weigh in with your own reasoned evaluation of her
arguments (approx 1 to 1 ½ pages).

It’s pretty darn easyyy. 😀 I love Intro to Ethics. The class is interesting and the assignments are easy for me ‘cus I like the subject material and shiiiz. This is the second paper for the class, the first in which I got an A-. 😀 Most people got Bs, and the average was like 83% or something like that. So.. yey! ^_^ Ouch, I just checked the grades for Phil 4, and one girl I was talking to said she failed the 4th quiz. She’s the only one that failed. -_-; She currently has a D+. Talk about OUCH. I feel bad for her. =\ Anyway… I’m doing pretty well in that class and we still have 55% of our grade left up for grabs. ^_^ Exciiiiting.

Aites, well… I think I’m gonna listen to my music now or who knows. David is out partying so it’s not like I can talk to him. And Teekwidca (ze Ryan)  is idle, though I suspect he’s asleep. Damn those East Coast people that actually like to sleep. Twinkie sleeps at crazy hoursss which helps to talk to him. Fo’ sho. Lmao, this entry = crap. That’s OK. I can learn to deal.


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Already

  1. Welcome back!

    First off, YOU “gangstah”? lol You should’ve taken a picture of yourself. haha Also, giving directions in Downtown again? hah Remember that one guy that even said shit about Downtown? lol

    As for Philos, good stuff! I liked my Ethics course and we covered Thomson also. 🙂 You’ll get an A AND a treat for your brain. I still relate some things to Hobbesian ideas and used Thomson’s in one of my essays.

    Stumble Upon is freaking awesome. 🙂 Lates!

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