More Nothings

Geezus, it feels like I didn’t do anything. I’m blogging because I am obligated to do so every day this month. Why is this actually so hard?!

So… I’m making small attempts at “letting people in” but again it just makes me want to shut up and stop sharing. It’s very likely that I’ll never open up to anyone. I rather like it considering I feel ill when I do betray myself. Who am I kidding??!! No one cares. Ugh. So now I feel very annoyed at myself.

My little brother’s friend said I look 13. It’s more saddening than you think. I’m so fucking tired of looking like a little kid. I can’t be taken seriously that way! Yeah, sure when I’m 30 it’ll be a good thing, but that’s in a million years. My twin aunts are 31 now and they barely look like… 25, max.

Anyway, I leave back for UCSB tomorrow, and I really missed it a lot. It’s my home now, seriously. I should take the 2:55pm train so I can get back to SB a quarter ’till 6pm to have dinner with Toby.

We celebrated Mom’s birthday today. I wrote a lot of Tweets on it… 😀 lol.

I’m currently watching Fracture. Looove it.

This entry is done. Something exciting is bound to happen soon, it has to… or this will be a very boring month of too many boring entries.

2 thoughts on “More Nothings

  1. You take the train back to campus? You must live really close then. That’s actually very convenient. You could run home to do the laundry on the weekends, or pick up little things that you’ve forgotten to pack. I used to have to fly thousands of miles just to get back home, but home never did feel the same after I experienced the freedom away from it.

    Anyway, it’s not so bad looking young. I don’t actually know what you look like, so I can’t really comment on that. But it’s better than looking older than you really are. Have you seen the 14 and 15 years old lately? They look way past their prime, which is a shame since they’ve got a long way to go.

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