My rational mind’s insane

Taste the sound of tears.

My contacts burn. And my eyes are threatening to close. I’m more sleepy than anything else. My mind is a blur, and this feels like the perfect time to write and be weak, caught unaware.

Three hours later.

I went to go check my mail. My CD arrived — SKSK’s Faces. Then I went to go look at the shiny Macbooks at the campus Bookstore.

Now that I’m back on campus everything that happened earlier, everything that happened yesterday seems pointless to mention. And I rather not discuss the details of the argument between my mother and I. It’s all irrelevant and it never happened.

Perhaps I’ll add to this entry later today. I’m only just barely holding on.

2 thoughts on “My rational mind’s insane

  1. First of all thank you for your comment on my website! It’s nice with people who don’t automatically have to agree with what the blogger posts.
    Second, I really don’t know what to say to your post. Fights with my mum always leave me exhausted and torn up inside. I don’t know what kind of a relationship you have with yours though. Things’ll look up though, and if you’re feeling shitty now there’s a good chance that tomorrow won’t be as shitty as today was.

  2. i hate having arguments with my mom…i feel like im talking to a wall cause she is so stubborn…like me i guess~

    I hope you’re feeling okay though, brigitte~

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