The Light I Saw I Swear I Knew

Tomorrow, I pack. I move from San Miguel to Francisco Torres, for next year where I will have a roommate. She doesn’t move in until next week on Saturday because she’s not in FSSP like I am. So, all my belongings will go back in boxes for an entire week, in which I am required to go back home. Dreadful, really. The last thing I want to do is go back home for a week. Can you sense the disaster?

And for some strange reasons I am reminded of the conversation Rob and I had once upon a time. It seems like a different life altogether. College really did begin a new life for me, and everything in the past has been left behind. Everything. Except I’m up for admitting that sometimes I go check Rob’s LJ to see how he’s progressing. Strange, but I was never upset, and I am still very much interested in his well-being. To this day I ask myself if all emotions were feigned. Well, actually, I rather not delve into that. It’s a different topic altogether.

Despite my goal for a blogathon, I was unable to blog yesterday, but since I’m not part of an official “challenge” it’s an exception. I was, after all, writing an essay for Ethics. When I write I’m never quite sure, but I think it turned out alright. Let’s just hope the T.A. thinks so, too.

Night approached quickly today. I didn’t even touch my computer today, except for now, to blog. FSSP is ending much too quickly, and these past six weeks have changed my life — for the better, of course. When fall quarter starts, I will be a seasoned freshman ready to take on the world.

Oh, and I feel offended. Hah.

You’re repeating me lines that you think I wanna hear
But I don’t wanna hear anymore
As if sorry is any consolation
For what it’s worth, you’re stringing me along
Sh-sh-shouldn’t need anyone
Shouldn’t need anyone
Just scared of being alone
But by the time you figure this out
And I’m already gone

And, I won’t bother explaining these lyrics.

It’s been a while since I’ve had an insightful “ending line.” I wonder what ever happened to those.

So, maybe, I lost my wit.

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2 thoughts on “The Light I Saw I Swear I Knew

  1. I was always kind of upset that I couldn’t afford to go away to college when I was 18 because I missed out on the whole dorm thing and I wish I could have experienced that =) Have fun and good luck!

  2. Hey! Good luck!
    Is Rob the guy you were into?
    Killer song by the way – I am downloading them all on limewire, thanks for the introduction =).
    Yeah do tell me how the EFT works out for you, it takes a bit to get it down, but its freaking awesome once you do.

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