I have only been home for a few minutes and already my mother has made me miserable with false accusations and cruel words. I am going to make my best attempt to stay out of the house all this week. I hate my mother. I awoke at 8am this morning to my alarm clock on my cell which plays hilary duff’s fly. Hah. The usual routine ensued in which I showered and got dressed, etc. I was ready in an hour and just chilled in front of the TV.

My longest-time friend (7 years) called me sometime before noon to say she was out of class; she attends csulb. From there we went to go eat at panda express, but I don’t really like Chinese fast food. Ehh it’s just food needed to survive. Afterward we to the new AT&T store across the street from panda. I bought my iphone – and it only took about 2 minutes. Hah, exciting. Tbh, I hate the iphone and love it all the same.

From there we went to Justine’s apartment in long beach. It is so cute!! It’s two stories, with the bedrooms upstairs. Grecia and Lillian, old friends from my first high-school, live with her. 🙂 We watched Bewitched, the movie, and then we watched some eps of the old show. When we were tired of that Justine and I went to the market so she could cook dinner for us. Before we ate we played DDR. Both of us are pretty damn good so we played on standard and heavy … Except I haven’t played in months so I got tired really fast. 🙁

After we ate we played some more and she dropped me off at home. I’m now watching some show on the history channel called Cities of the Underworld: New York. Very interesting!! After it’s over I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow, hopefully I can go get my hair dyed.

iLoveyou <3

4 thoughts on “Rapidity

  1. OMG! you got an iphone?? Nobody around me owns one yet…so I’m very curious!

    I haven’t eaten at Panda Express in so long…I forgot about that place ^______^

    I like your picture on the right hand side, btw ^____^ pretty~

  2. You got an iPhone? That must’ve been exciting. How is it working out for you? I don’t think I’ll ever get one, unless Apple decides to switch carriers sometime in the future. AT&T and I share a troublesome past that can only be resolve with some bloodshed. Just kidding.

    RYC: I don’t think anyone will ever get to know the baby’s real name. It’s just part of my persona that I plan to keep for a very long time.

  3. Wow an iPhone. I personally wouldn’t waste my money or time with one of those. They’ve had so many problems it’s like throwing money away. But I hope you enjoy it and have no problems whatsoever. If you DO have problems then you have my full permission to march on down to Apple and kick someone in the balls. LOL


  4. Haha, lucky you to have an iphone! Actually, I know nothing about them except that everyone has an i-something.. except me, that is 😉

    I hope things cool down with your mom. Of course, I don’t know anything about the relationship, but I can’t imagine it’s a good one 🙁

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