DaySeptember 27, 2007

Swing, Swing

It’s rather cold inside the house so I decided to sit on the couch-swing in the backyard, listening to SKSK. The neighbors must be going WTF is this fuckin’ devil music. xD The house to the left of ours is super religious and I think they disapprove of us. Lmao. Oh welllls.

After my fun day on Monday, Tuesday began a little bit slower. I awoke early and just got ready and then pretty much chilled in front of the TV for a while, even though it makes my brain feel like mush when I do watch TV for a long period of time (more than 1 hour). My day was spent lazying about the house and lalalala. Lols. By late afternoon my auntie Meme came over and we went to the salon so we could get our hair dyed. My hair is a dark red-ish color now. (: I was getting way too tired of the black. Hopefully in a month I can go back and dye it even redder (the way it used to be).

^ The above was written some time last week. No time to update. Well, I suppose I could make time, but aside from giving detailed accounts of everything I’ve been doing (summed up: been super social) there isn’t anything else I want to share.

I’ll watch it all come down come next week or sometime soon-ish. Never know!