Don’t Get Emo

Or so says the Vans sticker on my monitor. Random fact. And anyway, I’ve never worn Vans, but I remember getting the sticker last summer at Warped Tour.

Recently, I’ve had to restore my iPhone at least 4 times… not very fun lemme tell you. But whatever, I’ll likely be exchanging it this weekend. It’s terrible, really. I hate the iPhone and always will. Even the updates do more harm than good to the cell. *shrugs*


I’ve no wish to be melodramatic so I’m just going to say this like it’s no big deal and it doesn’t bother me: in the span of two weeks I’ve lost five friends. Paula, David, Sandy, Hailey,  Ryan. I’ll pretend like I don’t give a shit.

So, school has been keeping me busy lately. Very busy. And tired. But I can’t pretend like I’m NOT having fun, because I am. (:  My schedule is as follows:


Pretty full, ey? 20 units… 0: but only because Chinese and Japanese are 5 units each. Actually, Chen lǎo shī doesn’t teach all that well – very disorganized and eh… ): And as for my math professor, it’s his first time teaching and HE sucks really badly. Other than that classes are aites.

Hm, I don’t really feel like writing or saying anything, so meh.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Get Emo

  1. So, I’m guess you don’t recommend the iPhone to anyone then? My boyfriend and I are really thinking about getting one, but we really don’t want to make the switch over to AT&T. I’ve always wanted one since it came out, but it’s always been too pricey.

    I wish I could take Japanese. We don’t have any Japanese classes down here, due to a lack of a professor for it. Oh well. 🙁

  2. Wow, that is quite a load you’re taking on, but it’s good to see that you’re quite immerce in school. I’m kidding. Don’t ware yourself out. Freshman year is a time to explore and find your way. So have fun and have a good time.

    Chinese AND Japanese? I imagine this could get confusing, could it not?

  3. Whoa. Wouldn’t taking Chinese and Japanese be confusing? Almost like taking Spanish and Italian, they’re a lot alike.

    The iPhone is screwed up. I really feel bad for apple 😐

  4. hahaha that sticker is so cute ^_________^ i love it~
    I think I used to own a pair of vans….like wayyy back in middle school~

    Wow….chemistry sucks. I hate chemistry ^______^ I’m so happy architecture majors don’t have to take that class~ Ahhh you’re taking Japanese! How fun~~~ I’ve only taken one foreing language class…and that was Spanish.

  5. Hahaha I’m not a fan of Apple at all so … *gulp* Sorry to hear about your friends 🙁 I hope it will turn outok … or … something *sigh* Friends can get complicated. Goodluck with your schedule !!! Take care ~ xoxo

  6. I’ve never had nor wanted an iPhone. They seem rather pricey. Sorry you are having problems with it.. I’ve never been a huge Apple lover myself.

    Also, sorry to hear you are having troubles with your friends. Things will work out, they usually do. Just keep your head up.

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