I Lack A Title.

Rona and I were sitting alone at a big round table for dinner Friday night. I was picking at my salad, very depressed. I asked her for the time and she said it was fifteen minutes until 6, when her cab would arrive to take her to the train station so she could go back home. It struck me then and there that I should stop moping around and just go home. With renewed vigor I pushed my food aside, stood up and said excitedly, “I’ll go with you. I’m going home.” Rona gaped amazed in my direction, “That’s really spontaneous.” We took the elevator to the ninth floor so I could do a quick 10-minute pack and I just smiled, “I know. That’s how I live my life.” Of course the latter isn’t always true, but as often as possible I make fun haste decisions (I’ve got stories!).

I packed all I needed and we went downstairs, only to find that it was raining. Everything felt right and I was happy to be going home. I called my Auntie Meme to pick me up at the train station and I was all set. Three hours later, I’m standing at Union Station in Downtown LA. Never have I been more glad to see the welcoming sight of skyscrapers. Within seconds my twin aunts were there. Rather than bother my mother I slept over at Meme’s.

[Starting here I lose all literary quality for speedier retelling purposes] The next day was fun. Noah’s Bagels for breakfast. Lots of ocha (green tea) at Auntie Maggie’s. Lollicup (milktea boba). One of my fave foods for dinner (white rice, ground beef w/ potatoes & vegetables). Played with Midori-chan. At night I went to mom’s house. Elizabeth wanted to hang out so she drove over to my mom’s. I met her lover-man, Gabriel. He’s funny&nice! I attempted to ride a skateboard, but I sux. Favio came over and it was a nice surprise to see him. We all sat outside in the back chatting. Watched Law and Order: SVU. Went back to Meme’s. She played an “Evening Piano” CD as we slept. I had nightmares.

Today: Meme woke up early and cooked spaghetti for breakfast. Wow, random right? I love it~! Then went to Auntie Maggie’s. Brian, Maggie, Meme, Midori-chan, and I got into Meme’s car and they drove me back to UCSB. I have to say UCSB has lost all its initial magic. For a million and one reasons.  I’m having dinner with Toby later tonight! I miss Toby – she’s the best.

And it’s obvious that I’m dying.

5 thoughts on “I Lack A Title.

  1. “And it’s obvious that I’m dying.”

    We’re all dying, just in various ways and times. Some people die all the time.

    I take it you and your immediate family aren’t that close? I wanted to ask a while back, but didn’t really know how to form a question around this curiosity (because family dynamics interest me so), so I thought I’d keep reading in between the lines for subtle hints. And all I got was your family isn’t close, but at least you’ve got other people to lean on.

    Hopefully this week is going better for you.

  2. Yea it is important not to live your life the way others want you to and be spontaneous. If more people followed their heart and not their mind then it would be a better world

  3. Wow, I could never be as spontaneous as you were. I need to have time to pack stuff and make plans. I’m glad you had fun with your family though! You have to go and see them every now and then to regain your sanity. And spaghetti for breakfast? That is pretty random. I wouldn’t enjoy that, but then again I don’t like spaghetti haha.

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