One thought on “Bullshit. Hi!

  1. Hey chick,
    things aren’t sounding so good, whats up?
    Yes me too, I’d often daydream of having a breakdown – I was too afraid to ever do it for real. I just wanted them so badly to see how much I hurt. I once scraped my arm with glass just so my sister could see how much it hurt, I was too self-absorbed to recognize how much it hurt her.
    Can I have your password for the entry bellow please? I understand if you don’t want to show it to me but I want to try and help – even if its just helping through understanding.
    Oh I can’t add you on AIM yet because I don’t have it here, I am going back to my mums tommorow & so I will add you as soon as I get back.
    Love you!

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