DayOctober 22, 2007

And Not Everyone Is Willing To Hear It

I went home this weekend, and I can say it went alright. It wasn’t the best weekend, but by far not the worst. I watched 30 Days of Night on Saturday night. And there was a family brunch on Sunday.  Though, not all members of our family were able to attend because Auntie Elle and Mom are refusing to talk to Auntie Maggie and her twin, Auntie Meme. ): I’m actually on Elle and Mom’s side, but I still miss my twin aunts. Oh well. I don’t know.

Anyway, the people that attended the brunch were: Mom, lil’ brother Christian, lil’ cousin Jorgito, Uncle George, his girlfriend Alba, and her two children, and of course, Auntie Elle. Auntie Elle was feeling generous and as she said, she has too much money in the bank at the moment and it’s not bringing her any happiness. So, she decided to give some to members of the family. All four children received $1000 each, I received $2000, my mom got $7000, and George & Alba got $7000 together. That equals to $10,000 to each family. Talk about a lot of money. I’m happy with the amount I got. Usually I get subjected to child-like treatment with the money… but whatevz. I’m somewhere in-between now.

So, today I purchased a MacBook. Lmao, I hate Apple. And yet, I have an iPod, an iPhone, and now a MacBook. It hurts me to have so many Apple products but eh… whatever. *shrugs* I’m over it already. I honestly don’t have time tomorrow, but sometime this week I’m going to Circuit City on State St. to purchase a DSLR (: *does a dance* I’ve wanted to take “nice” (uh, more professional?) photos… and I mean, come on… I live right by the beach! It works out perfectly, I think. ^_^

Hm, strange. So, all of us college kids use the internet provided for us (which, if plugged in is superduper fast…) and I share my music library with everyone because I know my music is the shit. lmao… Anyway, my shared name is “Hiding Away From Myself [9203] *new music*” and I was on iTunes just now and some kid’s iTunes shared name is, “Jason’s Library 3234 <3’s Hiding Away From Myself” XD Hahaha… wow, that’s like a personal message directed towards me. I feel like going down one day and being all, “YO, GANG*STAR! What’s up??” Hah, randomosity! And life goes on.

This is a very pointless entry. Also, it’s just a bit past 11pm and I still have homework to do. Mondays are hella busy. ): I have a class at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, and then a lab from 1-4pm. Then in that hour I eat something… and then from 5-7pm I have my AS Program Board meeting. Then, I eat dinner. And then I come home and get on the computer straight away, you know? Bad habit! It’s just such a busy day, but I’m not complaining. And I’m not tired. Just… it’s annoying to have to come back to ze dorm and have a load of work to do.

Ah, before I end this entry, something strange happened. Alright, so considering I went home this weekend… Sharon said this random guy on our floor came in here while I was gone, asking Sharon, “Where’s your roommate?” Upon finding out that I wasn’t here he left. He came in here not too long ago, and this was the first I’d heard of him even coming in here. He sorta sneaked very quietly in here. Sharon hadn’t seen him, but I saw him out of the corner of my eye and turned around to say hi. He totally ignored Sharon and Rona and just like said hi… O_o; Strange, ey? We had some small chit-chat… but that was it. Then he just left. Uh… THEN Sharon told me what happened this weekend. The first thought that comes to mind is that Jared told him I don’t mind people playing video games in here… but who knows. It was odd. And that is all about this. No conclusions and no theories… just strange. *shrugs*

Okokok! Homework time, seriously. ): Luckily, I only have one class tomorrow. Pwuahahahah… but I have a shitload of ASPB stuff to do tomorrow as well… *le sigh* So it’s not going to be a short day at all. I’ll be back in my dorm probably around 10pm even though my one class is from 9-10am.  NEWAIZ.

Those fires are awful and that’s all that’s on the news. All over California. Like fuck. It’s pretty intense.

AH! I’m mad-rambling. Aites, this is it. New layout this weekend-ish. This pale blue thing is wearing thin on my nerves. The next layout is shabam red. (: Like blood. Ooh. And! I’m going to see Paramore in concert on November 10. Gang*starr, ey? And … that’s a new word I’ve been using… since this weekend. According to Urban Dictionary one person tried to make it happen in 2003, two in 2005, and one in 2006. I’m the lame-ass that’s going to try to make it happen in 2007-2008. XD;

[Psst: I’m still secretly emo, but I can sense the transition to hypo-mania occurring. Slowly, but surely. Who cares, I’m whatevz.]

Empty pages haunt and I can’t move on.